Scythe Print-and Play!

almost everything you need! HERE:


4 comments on “Scythe Print-and Play!

  1. This would be cool in RPG form. Kind of like Tales from the Loop RPG, with the mechine’s gas-spewing style and everything. Plus the art.

  2. Also, totally unrelated, but am getting close to done (enough) for a beta edition! I have to rewrite the Combat (and the Chance Die) section, and I may write a little more in the introductions and GM guide part, but besides that, it will be technically ready for playtesting features that I want to be played with!

    • Oh, I also forgot to say this: I’ll send one or, if possible, print one for you once I am done of course. Also gonna make a post so you can have the download file when its ready.

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