Active Warship Battle is the art of modeling battleships for target shooting.
The boats can be made from anything from paper to plastic….with the flotation being destructible by BB gun shot.
Both Air-soft and BB guns are utilized for eliminating hard targets on each battleship which are defined by the designer of the battleship.

The ships can have alternative targets on the hull to represent hull integrity,,,,,,just in case there is a lack of access to water. Plastic Kids pools may serve as an alternate battlefield for some games.

To mark your targets without ruining a model,,,,airsoft marking plastic BBs, similar to paintballs, are used. (see the crossman Zombie Serum BBs)

For BB guns, stick to a gun with less than 500 fps and firing round BBs. Airsoft guns have no limit. Scopes are allowed only if specified by particular distances.

Use BB guns to SINK the other persons battleship, and your airsoft to hit the hard targets designated by targets glued to the boat.

Each boat will have “PUSH” plates. These plates will allow the shooter to MOVE the boat when it is floating on the water. These can simply be 4″x4″ flashing glued to the hull.

Smoke effects on the model are desireable, see the following video:

To simulate the destruction of key parts of the boat, cap gun paper roll could be simply glued to key parts of the model….providing audible confirmation of the target being struck!

Each battleship will be assigned a point value based upon design. The following are some key parts to your build:

Radar tower
CWIS Anti-aircraft cannon
Gun turrets
Torpedo tubes
Life Rafts
Captains deck
Aircraft launch
Rescue boat
Search lights
Depth Chargers

See this diagram for more ideas!

This game is not exclusive to battleships. Submarines are acceptable AND encouraged. In addition they make great use of aluminum can floats as part of their superstructure,,,,let your creativity fly.

The amount of shots per round are dictated by a formula:

Amount of floats and compartments (better survivability)- Number of weapons + amount of EXTRA structure and targets on the boat. THIS RULE is not set in stone and must be play tested to determine if it works.

A standard turn is broken down into:
a. Move your boat by shooting PUSH PLATES or other area on boat
b. Fire Number of shots equal to number of guns on weapon system (note= torpedo tubes only fire 1 round).
c. switch to next player and alternate until ALL weapon systems have fired.
d. When all weapons systems have fired, the round ends and the next round begins.


22 comments on “AWB

  1. Think about Floating Mines!

    A simple fishing bobber could be made into a makeshift mine. Strategy would be to push the mines towards the enemy ship… would most certainly be a sunk ship.

  2. MAIN GUNS rules:

    Every main gun turret may have up to 5 guns…..this by nature makes it more vulnerable to ammo explosion and failure when hit.

    A 5 barrel main gun is taken out with 1 strike.
    Conversely, a 1 barrel main gun is destroyed with 4 hits (5 -1gun).
    …and a 3 barrel main gun taken out with 2 hits (5-3guns)….ect ect.

    This Balances the odds. Albeit your main gun gives you the player 5 shots when you decide to fire the weapon system……….it leaves you very vulnerable to being disarmed by the opposing player! -F4x4

  3. Torpedo and Torpedo Tubes rules:

    These weapon systems allow shots ONLY to the hull, floats or compartments that keep the battleship afloat. They cannot be used against any structures or targets above the hull and thus are somewhat limited.

    Each torpedo tube provides 2 shots and is taken out with 1 hit.

    Submarine models have 2 torpedo tube systems automatically with needing to represent them on their model, therefore you cannot take out the torpedo weapon system on a submarine, you will be forced to sink her.

  4. Rockets/ Missile projector / harpoon missile system:

    These are limited to the amount shown on the model. Originally intended for anti-sub, it can be used to sink a ship.

    Each tube or rocket representing this weapon system allows X amount of shots at any time it is fired…..but it is limited in ammo to the number represented by the model.

    Additionally, it is taken out with 1 shot and when it is, the opposing player may take X amount of extra shots representing the unused missiles exploding on the battleship.
    If an anti-aircraft system like a CWIS is equipped on the opposing players boat…..the missiles/rockets are not usable, but maybe fired as a strategy attempt to prevent the opposing players from destroying them while onboard the battleship.

  5. FLOATATION and above 600fps guns!

    The basic float in AWB is composed of your normal soda can.
    Should you choose to outfit your boat with plastic bottles……..weapons rated above 600 fps and pellet based ammo will be allowed against such targets due to the difficulty of penetrating the plastic soda bottles due to their flexibility.


    support vehicles such as aircraft and other smaller units count as 1 weapon system and are fired after all players have completed their turn for the round.

    This allows opposing players to concentrate their firepower on taking out these swarms of adversaries before being fired upon when they reach firing range.

  7. THE BRIDGE and capturing

    Every model must have a bridge.

    Every bridge has a certain number of hits it can take before it is destroyed. This is calculated by TOTAL Buildpoints (add up each float, the bridge itself, compartment, weapon system, ….everything that represents a target) then divide by 2 and round up. This number represents the number of hits a bridge can take before the captain being taken out by the enemy.

    A battleship is captured when the bridge is taken out and all floats/compartments on 1 side of the battleship have been flooded.

  8. FLAGS and kill marks

    Flags do count as a target and contribute to your total build points of your battleship.

    kill marks are simply markings placed on your boat after a successful kill to serve as a record of how many ships you have sank. They are simply decorative.

  9. PUSH PLATES and other ways to move a boat

    Push plates are simply reinforced plates on your hull that will allow you to move your boat during your movement phase (beginning of each round).

    Alternatively, movement can be performed using a cheap RC boat or sub (which is not a target).

    Lastly, look into pop pop boat technology…the bigger the boat—-the larger the steam engine necessary. see the following video:

  10. Soldiers

    Troops posted on your warship are the last to fire, and can only fire upon other troops OR support vehicles.

    Thus the turn sequence during a round for firing is:
    Support vehicles

    A support vehicle is taken out of the game when 3 hits are struck!

    HERE is a pic of some papercraft soldiers!

  11. With all the water we have now it would be nice to get this going. Maybe we could just make a paper craft boat with a block of Styrofoam to make it float and some kind for modular remote system that would just stick into the Styrofoam below the water line so it could be reused

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