Felt as if we needed a dedicated section for CARD Games, separately from the board games.

This section would cover MAGIC, Warcraft TCG, Lord of the rings TCG, ect ect.

WARCRAFT:  The Card Game

Warcraft Chapion Decks!

Awesome deal for 11.99$ at Walmart, you get 1 major hero, 60 card deck of allies, weapons, armor and other equipment….even pets.  In addition they throw in a booster (3.99$ if purchased seperately)…..thus if you take out the cost of the booster….your only paying 8$ for it!!!

I’ve picked out HOGGER (looks like a wearwolf).  Get your champion today!

 MAGIC the Gathering (MTG)!

This friday the NEW set comes out in stores and it is titled “AVACYN RESTORED”

v6steeda will enjoy this set in that it stars the arch angel AVACYN herself—-angels vs. EVIL….a theme he will like.

To see ALL the cards in this new set, here’s the spoiler—

These are some beautiful cards!


10 comments on “CCG

  1. Warcraft’s Assault on ICECROWN Citadel.

    in essence your getting 4 decks…..3 heros and the extremely powerful LICH LORD.
    also included is a treasure deck…..which you can purchase seperately.

    Part of the Scourgewar Block
    Set Size:
    Custom Lich King 60-card raid deck
    Highlord Tirion Fordring 61-card deck
    Lady Jaina Proudmoore 61-card deck
    Lady Sylvanas Windrunner 61-card deck
    Nine-card Treasure Pack (included in Four-Player game, also sold separately at MSRP of $5.99)
    $39.99 MSRP

  2. Legend of the 5 rings CCG a.k.a. “L5R” ……few ccgs have made it this far, magic is one, L5R is the other. Whats so great? there are 9 clans to pick from…each having their own unique powers. in addition, the game is unique in that you can win through your warriors, politicians or simple honor/dishonor. I must admit that it seems to me to be superior to magic (funny how magic now has guilds ?)
    The art work is really nicely done, and it has a fantastic RPG game to back it up.
    watch this review:

  3. Magic the Gathering Card Creators!
    This is an ONLINE card creator. Its not bad for creating a card individually and sharing it out. here’s a sample of one that i created on the fly.

    They have a gallery where people have created their own here:

    But honestly for creating a complete deck you will want to check out MagicSetEditor
    This app can print out an entire deck of custom cards and align them up on 1 page….simply cut them out and glue them to a set of 50 cent deck of cards!

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