1/12 scale Falcon Cockpit!

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BESM rpg Character Diary!

want to flesh out your character? Check out the 4$ BESM character diary!

“This is the ultimate role-playing journal for your BESM anime characters! Look inside and you’ll find a complete 20-page character record with sections for Stats, Derived Values, Attributes, Defects, advancement, weapons, shields, magic spells, mecha designs, unique attacks, and much more. You’ll also find entries for your character’s personality, background, family history, relationships, occupation, and future goals. Finally, the diary includes over 40 pages where you can record your character’s thoughts concerning friends and family, secrets learned during each game session, sketches of people you have met and places you have been, and any other important game notes. The complete story of your BESM character — all in one place!”


LEGO Technic 42069: Extreme Adventure! Acquired!

Had to pick this up as an early Xmas gift. Albeit the 189$ seems pricey……the per brick price is awesome at 7.5cents!
I will start saving to make this kit RC capable (second video below outlines the parts necessary).

Whats great is the size of this kit….it measures about 17″ long. Other possible kits are shown below:

Pen-and-Paper RPG Mechanic – “Narrative Classes”

Hey, guys! FictionCreator (or Blubahub) here again about my roughly 1 and a half WIP pen-and-paper RPG.

I wanted to talk about a mechanic I implemented (like many of the new stuff I’ve made but not talked about yet, I haven’t fully tested it out yet,) classes in my system. But, these aren’t your normal classes.


(You can look at that while I “talk”)

I am taking a different route. Instead, am going for the more “narrative” road. Ability-type advantages. Or, a better way to put it, higher chance of succeeding in select tasks. Also, there can be disabilities. Both can also be not concerning a task, but rather a boost or some special mini-tracking stat (e.g., in the starting class Adventurer, you can choose one stat that your really good at). At the end, sometimes there is a d6 or d3 – this means you roll the die, and if it lands on 6 or 3 then you failed, otherwise, success. Some, though, do not have this, even for the task ones. This means that it automatically succeeds OR the stat concerns something else

Each advantage has a name, and some have “(Cannot be inherited).” Currently, there are three types of classes (or at least planned): Starting Class, Subclass, and Grand Class. Starting and Subclass are pretty simple, so am going to explain Grand Class: This is one of the more end-level classes. Also, class kits can be equipped (called Class Ability Kits, or CAKs). Classes can cost XP.

Also, before I go, I’m not fully sure what am going to do about the Professions stat. I was thinking it can mean “I know how to do _,” but then the problem can be is that it could clash with the class. I may just not have it. Or have the classes alternatively be called Professions.

Gotta go, sorry! Bye!


Open Game systems!

Check out the list of how many RPG systems there are to create your “world”/scenario from! Yes its HUGE!

The content below was copied from here:

Click the link to look at he hyperlinked page!-F4x4
also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_gaming

Open Game License
Original OGL
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 SRD
Hypertext D&D 3.5 SRD
Pathfinder SRD
d20 Modern SRD
Note that the official d20 SRD for D&D 3e has been revoked. It has been replaced by Paizo’s Pathfinder SRD, which is compatible with previous d20 material and still being used for publication of new products by many companies and the community at large.

d20 System-based
d20 Anime SRD (direct link to file)
Wayfarers (OGL and open-ended agreement)
Prometheus SRD (OGL and Prometheus License)
Mutants & Masterminds (OGL and M&M Superlink)
True20 (OGL and True20 Adventure Roleplaying Trademark License)
Fate 2.0 (direct link to the file)
Spirit of the Century
Other systems
Iridium System
Runic, Runequest RPG
Spellchrome (OGL and Non-Open Game Content)
Fantasy Craft (OGL)
Retro-clones are new games that are compatible with older games now out-of-print, allowing for the use of previous material without having to acquire a possibly rare and/or expensive copy of the original game or resorting to piracy. These are part of a larger movement known as the Old-School Renaissance (OSR).

OSRIC for 1E AD&D (download) (OGL and OSRIC Open License)
Labyrinth Lord for B/X D&D (download or view wiki) (OGL and Labyrinth Lord Trademark License)
BFRPG, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, for B/X D&D
Swords & Wizardry for 0E D&D (download) (OGL and the Swords & Wizardry Compatability Statement License)
Swords & Wizardry Whitebox for Whitebox D&D (download) (OGL and the Swords & Wizardry Compatability Statement License)
Warrior & Wizard for The Fantasy Trip (download CC or OGL version or view wiki) (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and OGL; Direct link to file)
OGL with trademark license
These games release their material as Open Game Content but also provide another, more restricted license to allow publishers to refer to Product Identity.

Mutant Future (OGL and Mutant Future Trademark License)
GORE (OGL and GORE License)
FUDGE (OGL and FUDGE System Trademark License; also under its own license)
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Theonosis, an open fantasy setting – The Open Setting License allows the setting to be used with any game.