New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #3 – Everfreeze Icewater, Digging, and Cover!

Hey, guys! Am still making up ideas, and though I haven’t properly written it down in some rulebook-way, I want to share one or two I made today for the wargame-boardgame!


Everfreeze Icewater

Ice map piece or part 1Everfreeze [Ice]water is a special type of liquid tile. It is just like normal water but has more of an icy blue look, is always cold (hence ice water), and it freezes anything that goes in it (does not totally “ice-ify” the land around it, through it may make it colder), except for special guys, creatures and such that has either extreme tech or the natural intolerance (aka extreme anti-freeze fluids running through the body). This includes most if not all ice, snow, and related elemental creatures and beings and objects.

Everfreeze Ice tile

Player-placed tile

Through this bit has not been fleshed out enough to test, I also may have it so players can use some special guy or whatever to transport so it can be used in a moat – of the most dangerous kind. Also, this liquid can infinitely supply you, so that it works for oceans (of course they are infinite in real-life/fiction/lore, but they seems like it is so). And I don’t want it to get complicated for ponds…




At least one guy who has not been created yet will be able to dig through the terrain. These guys are the ones for making trenches. These trenches can also be filled with water, either by a connecting water source (where the every turn, whether it be player or other, one more liquid tile is placed in it from the source) or by player’s transportation forces.

Traps can also be placed in here. Forces can walk through empty ones, but there is one potential problem: It takes just as long to get in the pit as it is for ladder-climbing. So, by doing math, where each ladder-climbing action is 2 turns, the force has to go down (2) then move towards the slope, since they are at the bottom (1), and then go back up again (2); so, the equation is 2 + 1 + 2 = 5. Please note that at the bottom it is just like walking on land, so the 1 is 2 for a trench that is 2 tiles wide, and so on. Sorry if this is confusing. 😉

Anyways, this will let you build a moat! And, if you manage to capture and/or tame some, you can get some crocs and/or gators for your waterway! Also, this would be useful for making more paths for watercraft.




Sandbag Pillar

May change the color before giving out test-copies…

And the final thing, cover. As seen above, there is one form of cover shown – full cover, with the exact one above being a pillar of sandbags (also used for sandbag walls). These fully protect the player and are solid to the player (so they cannot normally walk through it or on top of it, and so they cannot attack through it. But, of course, they can move and/or attack from the sides of it.


Another type of cover is partial cover. That protects you from ranged attacks (another thing I need to do; assign melee and ranged attackers) but not melee attacks. Just like how ranged projectiles can “go through” it, the hiding entity can also attack back with ranged attacks (and melee too).

The last and most open type of cover, low cover, protects you from melee attack but not ranged ones, but can be walked upon as if it was a land tile (in-universe wise, they just vault over as seen in military parkouring exercises). So, now attackers can just vault over and give a knife to the enemy’s head. Brutality, kids, only when you want it in this game.



That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Hopefully, I’ll have a decent prototype rulebook to give out to some testers soon. – FictionCreator, The First VUer



Black Fire – Factions (1)

Hey, guys! Today I am going to talk about some of the factions/groups that appear/planned-to-appear in Black Fire (book)! This is not going to include the Cryosnipers – just some other ones..! Also, most words (ok, partially words) that are in parentheses are basically how to pronounce it. Most of the images are (bad) prototypes either done by hand or using software..! (I also suggest viewing these images on the blog itself and not the reader; some have clear backgrounds that WordPress may mess up thus of white words/else.)


Miim Robotics


Miim (mim) Robotics are robot manufacturers, builder, and coders. They made the Bornet (born et) and Horrnet (horn et) sentries and Malarv’s (mal larv) original body (and original code). They mainly specialize in on-the-field and war-type robots, such as medics, guards, assistance, fossil diggers, et cetera. But many of them are built for war or guarding/escorting. Miim is one of the common go-to war-robot suppliers.



Reked Industriesreked-industries-logo

Commonly just called Reked or Reked Ind., Reked Industries mainly makes vehicles of all kinds – cars, hover-based (craft) cars, starships/spaceships, bikes such as Kaneda (cane da), etc. Reked Ind. also has a war branch known as Bam Boom War Locked Keepers (BBWaLKer). This branch makes vehicles like fighter-class starships, walkers, defensive vehicle add-on/mod weapons, tanks, war-submarines, and else.

It also has it’s very own military, where they will help selected allies during a war. Reked Industries was first created during the Demonic War (started at the partly-fantastical land, Patria) after it reached out of Patria, a few months before the Odin’s War portion of the Demonic War, which was first raged on the planet Atla (I think; forget now). Black Fire is placed AFTER Odin’s War, around a few years.



Heilom Gunners

Heilom (heirloom) Gunners are a group of mercenaries that like switching sides. Hiper (hyper) is the leader of the large group, and sometimes have to compete with Aroose’s assassins for the job and pay. But they those two can cooperate with each other and if needed to they can also do co-op together (team-up for the job/employer).




Hope you liked ’em! I plan on working on some Black Fire today (yesterday I figured out/made-up for the situation the sentries/turrets/drones that are protecting a pathway to the control room, where Jack has to get into their so he can get/find (hopefully) the intel he needs, where he also discovers another plot, which he then takes upon himself)!


NOTE: This is not a “Join me to make a game” type of thing. I am just currently learning to code in GameMaker Language (GMC, GM:S, and now GM S 2 (all by Yoyogames)).


Today I wanna talk about a game I am TRYING to code, which for now I am calling it Worldly Encounters. The idea is that it’s a 2D (most likely) pixelated top-down Pikmin-style game with survival features such as crafting, eating, and monster-loot-drops (gasps for air)…

My plan is to have it also with some sandbox features, e.g. build a house, but unlike most survival and sandbox games is that YOU can also control workers for YOUR benefit/survival. I have never heard of anything like this. This is just a quick(er) post about the idea..! Hopefully, next time I post there will be more (I started two or three days ago)!


Here’s some sprites/images (NOTE I made these MYSELF):

spr_worker_0 – generic worker (temp)

spr_sneaker__sniker__worker_0 – (worker) sneak-sniker

spr_enemy_0 – generic enemy (temp)

spr_player_0 – generic player (temp)

spr_meat_0 – meat (temp)


Vortech Uniomnivere (VU) – ABOUT

Hey! Today I am going to talk about the Vortech Uniomniverse..!

The Vortech Uniomniverse (VU) is where all of my fantasy/sci-fi/games/fiction-based books/board or card games (STUFF), etc. go into. What does Uniomniverse mean? Well, I made it up.. ‘Uni’ for one ‘omni’ for of all/all things (everything) and then the ending ‘verse’ as in many other universe type ideas (e.g. multiVERSE, uniVERSE, pocket-VERSE, omniVERSE). It is basically a more creative way of saying multiverse, since I like the shorter way of saying it, VU (as in VU your world), and that I think we have all heard of the Marvel Multiverse.


The reason there is ‘Vortech’ before it is this: my first REAL fiction ideas were of this character Vortech, who was a green Liqoid that came to earth and upon swallowing tons of clay (‘since he had too) to escape the sighting of a female human. He was acting as a scout to see if this planet would be at terms with them. After getting out of the bag of clay he hid in, he gained the power to change his body’s (think ‘molding’ with coloring) look, texture, et cetera, upon the fact that Liqoids are kinda like rubber; they can be solid or be liquid that doesn’t burn-up/melt/evaporates. BASICALLY, a superhero comic idea (I wish to make it legit later on).


That’s all for now! I’ll keep you posted more about it in the coming day(s)!

VR AND AR – The New Devices – Part 1

All Images, media, and photos are by their makers. Hololens media is by Microsoft. HTC Vive media is by HTC & Steam (SteamVR). PlayStation VR (Project Morpheus) is by Sony (PlayStation). Magic Leap is by Magic Leap. Meta Spaceglasses is by Meta.

So, most of you guys probably heard of VR and AR. And most of you guys probably heard about a few of these coming soon headsets, such as Hololens (AR) and HTC Vive (VR) or Oculus (VR). If you hadn’t, here’s basically what is its:

A high-quality screen put in your face, that has 360 motion tracking. Usually (unless it’s AR) it comes with controllers to tell where your hands are and puts those movements in the game/app/program.

And Since HTC Vive (also known as Vive) is going to be coming out this 2016 March 14.


Magic Leap


Magic Leap is a device that is (quoting many reporters) ‘Awesome’ and ‘Crazy’. The main reason they said crazy is that with this device, we are going to get a quality higher (or about the max of a PC) than a computer screen! Unlike Hololens, which has a screen in front of it (that its light pour it into), Magic Leap is going to have the biggest  field of vision:

Anywhere you can look!

It does this by doing it the most natural way known to man (as of now), by pointing light right into your eye! This means that there will most likely not a screen. It also appears that you can focus on the light-made objects!

Magic Leap has done numbers of funds, usually with Google in the lead. It has around 4-5 billion dollars from their fund rounds.

It also seems to be hiddenly partnering with Google, thus of the video you can see below. Note: This is an imagining of it. This video was made for hype, which it got from me. And the gun appears to be real.

As you can see/you shall, Magic Leap wants to have Gmail and Youtube for sure.

Other content includes the other shown in the video (music, preinstalled games) pictures, which most likely means there will be a screen recorder or snapshooter for Magic Leap), and a star map of our solar system.

Here’s a official video that was all captured in Magic Leap


Also, looking at the banner, it seems we can really create our own solar systems (I just saved this for later). I snipped it! Look below!

(You can see this at their Magic Leap’s Youtube channel which right now only has those two videos.)


Capture of Magic Leap March 2 (2016) Youtube Banner


That’s all for now! Next I will be doing HTC Vive (VR), which comes out this March 14 (or maybe it was March 13).