DUST TACTICS rules are now FREE!  

Go here to get them:  http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=123&esem=4

Want a replacement for the long missed AT-43 game.   This is it.  The quality of the miniatures is there!  And they are available pre-painted (at a cost)!


a new game not yet released   http://sites.google.com/site/pitlanetheboardgame/about-pitlane soon to be coming to the VassalEngine and SUNTZU (another boardgame emulator, but supports video teleconferencing).  Playtesting pics here:  http://picasaweb.google.com/pedrojcobo/IrlandaOnRain#

here are some pics:

ATZ (all things zombie!!)

play with boardgame emulator VASSALENGINE.com

Check out the ONLINE manual here.  Pretty much the vassal mod looks exactly like the boardgame:

IN addition, the vassal engine will allow you to play the boardgame online.


Mod is here:  (requires vassal engine install) http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:All_Things_Zombie:_The_Boardgame


get it before its gone!

Download the software for windows or linux here:


Templates for making cards of everytype are here:


Lastly,,,,,if you dont have the time to make your own—-download one from here:


They look as good or better than the real deal!


a Cheap not in production miniatures game that is still one of the best.

Here is a pic showing HUGE models of the miniatures:


MERCS is a skirmish game of miniature combat taking place in the future. Games consist of two squads of 5, which have all special equipment and skills. The miniatures act simultanously, using a system of initiative and reaction to determine the exact order of turns. MERCS uses unique cards as both reference and a means to measure. This streamlined approach means games are faster, with less rule-lawyering, providing a dynamic feel with combat that ebbs and flows. It also means that a game of MERCS is flexible; it can be played just about anywhere with any number of people. All that is needed is 1 fi g, 1 card, and 1d10. The game board can use 3D terrain, but is equally dynamic with the provided 2D terrain cards.

Magic the Gathering: 

Building on a Budget

Building on a Budget is a column dedicated to showing players deck building techniques and collecting strategies that allow for lots of fun regardless of your collection size. Pro Tour Champion Jacob Van Lunen currently writes this column.



56 comments on “RPG-Mini

    • We had that for a few months, then something happened (I forget). I enjoyed it while it lasted; I mainly played Sony PlayStation games on it through.

      But I enjoy having a hard copy (especially for Nintendo; on Wii U, if you lose the device, all that accounts buys are lost forever).

    • very great game! you will HAVE to try it out. Not only do you get 1 starter deck of your choice free,,,,,,,,you have 500 gold to buy seperate individual cards on the MERCHANT Screen. Its strategy is a mix of magic and warcraft!

  1. DROPZONE COMMANDER! ( http://www.hawkwargames.com/ )

    This NEW miniatures game is AMAZING!!! Ever want to invade a planet? Here’s the game for total invasion. The models are just gorgeous. Here are just a few:

    Here is a nice graphic summary of the armies!

    Whats nice is the background buildings that you can find on their website are FREE!!! Perfect for building a nice CITY block scene in whatever game your setting up…..get them here:

    How much? for a FULL MAXED out army…..your looking at 100$-formula4x4

    • if you love the game—-GET the MINI’s!
      I dont have any mini’s……but ANY mini can be used!!!!—-there really isnt anything significant about their minis…they look nice though. If you want to borrow my expansion books to the game—–just let me know, i have about 20 of the books.
      They do have a “beginners” box that you can find in the book stores. Here’s a vid of whats in the box:

      Quality of minis is about on-par with MageKnight. Below is a sample pic of the miniatures:

  2. Thought up of a new game to play. Air rifle combat role playing. Using the WWII Winchester M14 air rifle you shoot at plastic army men. You roll for how many shots you get then roll for how many seconds you get to shoot. That’s the basic rules, more advanced rules could include advancing the army men every round and if they reach a certain point your opposing team gets points. I have other ideas to but too much to put here.

    • That is an AWESOME idea! You name it and i’ll put up a page so that rules can be tested and posted. Another idea would be to mark specific army men (sticker or marker on the base) to designate LEADER or ARTILLERY or SNIPER……if SNIPER is hit…..you go without a scope…or change your weapon. Maybe mortar fire could be slingshot based??
      Give me a name for this game! -F4x4

  3. Yeah I thought about all of that also just too much to tap out on a tablet. I think i already named it Air rifle combat role playing.

  4. ARC role playing game! That’s fantastic! Let me ask you this……SMALL army men or LARGE army men? we can get the smaller ones cheaper…and the smaller variety has tanks, helicopters…ect AND different genres (ex=zombies, cowboys & indians, aliens….ect).

  5. Not sure yet have to test it out, customers in to play also cheaper the better. We could go to 5 meters like in competition bb gun shooting. Could use Red Ryders but I like the M14 feels more like what you would shoot in WWII

  6. Just picked this up from Goodwill for three bucks Ed said it’s a rare game and said he seen for sale for $500 do you know if that’s true?

     photo Courtland-20150207-00151.jpg

  7. Wow What a find! That is an awesome classic game! i saw it once at an Antique shop for around 50$……had great scenic items in the box….like book cases and an altar? Yeah if its mint 500$…..if it has been opened, but complete…..probably 150-250$….all depending on wear and tear. Do you know if its complete?

    In 2014 they rereleased this as a 25th anniversary edition (50$)……due to the cult following

  8. It’s complete looks like it was played one time the board doesn’t even have a crease in it, box looks a little beat up that’s all

    • Thats fantastic! I would hang on to it………but then again, if you can get 100$ for it on ebay,,,,,,maybe worth your while. NOW,,,,,if the 25th anniversary edition didnt come out….and it being so cheap with extremely detailed miniatures….i believe it would have been worth what Ed stated. pic of a new sculpt:

      • Heroquest 25th Anniversary (Canceled) is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.
        Apparently it was canceled……BUT few copies do exist and its going for 110 euros http://www.gamezoneminiatures.com/tienda/en/heroquest-25th-/1715-heroqu.html

        Looked into this…..and dont like t—-new rules, new everything…….albeit i dont see why you have to follow the boxed rules,,,,,,system itself, minis and tiles look as if you could use the Adv. HeroQuest rules.

        Let me know if you are willing to Play…..i’ll print out the Adv. rules

  9. i do have a Classic (UNOPENED) Heroscape MASTER SET. i actually bot 2…..1 initially for learning,,,,the 2nd was to expand the game to play on a HUGE map scale,,,just never had the time. It’s go for 89$ on ebay.
    Heroscape is very awesome (google it)………easy to play and simple and the expansions are many. Definitely one of my favorite games along with Space Hulk!

  10. Here is a good pic of the history of heroquest!

    “In 1989, Games Workshop created “HeroQuest”. In the United States, it was released by Milton Bradley Games, as a fantasy “game system” that allowed players to take on the roles of the Elf, the Dwarf, the Barbarian, or the Wizard, with a fifth player taking on the role of the Game Master (or “Zargon” the evil sorcerer). The same year, “Advanced HeroQuest” was available in the United Kingdom – a game bearing some superficial similarities to HeroQuest, but having its own, somewhat more sophisticated system. (All the same, there is at least a tip of the hat to HeroQuest, in that rules are included in Advanced HeroQuest on how to “convert” the “High Elf”, Dwarf, Barbarian and Wizard over to this new system, and how to make use of the labyrinthine board and furniture pieces.)” –http://greywolf.critter.net/ahq/aboutthegame.htm

    Check this website out for moving to ADVANCED rules!

  11. You can have it I know how much you like collecting games although Eds going to be sad when I tell him it’s gone LOL.

  12. Awesome! Thanks….I will most definitely treasure this. Let me know what you guys want to do when im down there on the 20th (next weekend). ARC? HeroQuest? i’ll make sure I bring all my gear (airsoft, slingshot,,,ect). -F4x4

  13. Interesting RPGs with a TWIST.

    1. Magicians: A Language Learning RPG
    This rpg has a neat TWIST…….the spells are in a language. Learn KOREAN slowly and the better a wizard you will be!

    2. Tenra Bansho ZERO RPG
    This rpg simulates the drama in kibuki theatre with ninjas, robots, ninjas in robots, robots in ninjas….ect ect!

    let me know if you are interested in being a game master for this! -F4x4
    …had an idea…….everyone pick a WORLD where they are the GM for that particular genre/fantasy world. Whenever we decide to play an rpg………we can simply pick which world to explore and whomever is the GM for that world will be the world creator for that evening! Like old Westerns? Check out Aces & Eights! -F4x4

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