Chogokin (超合金 Chōgokin?, Sometimes Chougokin or Cho-gokin) is Japanese for “Super Alloy” and is a fictitious material which first appeared in Go Nagai‘s Mazinger Z manga and anime.

Pictured above is “THE BIG O” from the animation series.




4 comments on “Chogokin

  1. The one pictured above is by MAX FACTORY. Here is a review of the product

    There is also a cheaper one by bandai….but of equal quality, not as big and impressive though…it is the GX-48 BIG O from Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin lineup.

    Basically as far as quality…..from BEST to worst:
    1. MAX FACTORY Chogokin lineup
    2. Bandai’s “Soul of Chogokin”
    3. Bandai’s “Super ROBOT Chogokin”

    NOTE= and they are in that order of size, albeit #3 is mostly plastic sculpt—-but with a price-tag of 50$ and under….well worth it if you’re trying to start a collection.

    GOTO for REVIEW about all things chogokin!

  2. Electronic Starbeast Dol forms from the second part of the Dolgrian and becomes a powerful mechanical dragon which supports Gavan. Gavan commands Dol from a place on its head. Gavan uses Dol mostly to destroy Makuu spacecraft. Its attacks include Dol Fire (Dol breathes out fire from its mouth), Dol Kick (uses its front feet to clamp down pesky fighters), Dol Laser (laser beams from Dol’s eyes), and Tail Attack (Dol’s tail whipping fighters attacking from behind).

    The toy DOLGARIN ship

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