25 comments on “RCCrawl

  1. Nice pics! when did you take those? I’ll definately have to take out my AX10 crawler when i come by the house. -amos

  2. Man looking at Ebay people are buying this truck up at $120.00, I could have made 50% gain if I didn’t run it and sold it. O’ well another turck to my collection.

    • wow, that looks nice…..probably not as effective as the EXCEED 6×6 or 8×8….but its a TAMIYA so the quality and fun factor is high with this kit.

      STill love that 8×8

  3. ahhh,,,,better than i thought……love the look of it! Most definitely a good medium between a 1/14 truck and the extreme crawlers. You ever going to finish the TXT?

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