The following are some nice fat bikes:

Snow Bikes


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    • They were 199$…thus up in price. I have seen one in person……they are GINORMOUS!……i would only do it with the idea of putting a mini-gas engine onto it—–very very heavy (unlike the 1000$ and up models/manufacturers).

    • Thats the one i was thinking about! WOW…..yeah big difference—just now noticed that the DOLOMITE has 7 speed shifters!
      Nice…..but cant beat our BAJA Bikes! We need to schedule another event/outing…….i liked the last trail we tackled (taskers gap)…albeit i believe v6steeda had bad memories due to some leg burns on his exhaust.

  1. WOW, that is a great price for a nice looking Touring Bike!
    I too am just now getting into cycle touring…..basically SLOW GOING, and enjoying the ride and LOADING up the bikes with panniers and pack. It is my new PACK MULE. My bike is a Hybrid bike, 2006 RALEIGH GRUV 2.0….no longer sold but can be found for sale online classified for about 200$.

    Here is a good website into getting more into CYCLE TOURING!
    i do have a MONO-wheeled Trailer for mine and 2 rear panniers to pack lunch and books in for all-day rides.

    The Paved Bike trail that is close to my place is AWESOME! If you ever come over to my place, we should all go hit the trail.

    Other option to get a nice bike under 200$ is craigslist….but honestly, that bike link you sent me looks great! -F4x4

    V6steeda—Got a bike to tour with?

  2. ONE bad thing about the bike your looking at—–Single speed, no gears!
    Just keep that in mind for uphill situations…..albeit your legs may be in better shape than mine. -F4x4

  3. I like the Admiral and would buy it if I could find it available. I like the handlebars, don’t want the mountain bike or beach cruiser handlebars. Still not sure if I need the extra gears not plan on trail riding or pedalling up big hills, like the simple setup of a one speed.

  4. Why are you getting the bike?

    Multiple gears allow easy take off (easier on your legs knees + ankles). Single speed will wear out our legs and you cant “Pack Mule” it—think about future uses!
    One speed will be harder on your ankles and is horrible in anything but FLAT surfaces…… will have to PUMP your legs and put pressure on your ankles and knees with the one speed….often times standing.

    Some things to consider:

    You need to ride some bikes before you buy it, to see what type/style and size is right for you….every bike has a completely different feel!
    Before you buy, maybe try a few out at the local bike shops….they will let you TEST ride for free…..we did this several times before buying. Bike shop can give you pointers to the proper fitting of a bike.
    Ensure its returnable
    Good comfortable seat is important—we picked up old schwinn spring seats for about 20$.
    For comfort, make sure the bike geometry allows an up-right sitting position.

    Don’t limit yourself to the 200$, a quality bike can last a lifetime!….so if you test something this is only 70$ more than your budget—cut out the McD’s and get it!

    BUMMER—-admiral out of stock!

    Take a look at the “WAYFARER”
    looks like its $210 and can be bought direct!

  5. Another idea is the Specialized bike that you gave me. Spend 200$ and get it running good! The gears are all rusted out……pretty much the only saving grace is the FRAME itself….but 200$ may give you quality components!
    Some cons are that the Frame Geometry itself is more of a LEAN FORWARD position……and you would have to correct that with an aggressive backward swooping handlebar to make it right (if your seeking a comfortable up-right riding position). What do you think? …..would take time though… -F4x4

  6. That’s my bike, got for $50


  7. Installed the rear rack on my bike, ill get some pic later too dark now. More work than I thought it would be. Had to drill and make custom screws just to make it fix solid but it’s good now

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