D6Racing was created for the sole purpose of having a cheap, easy to play game that could be played on almost any game surface or map without having to spend a lot of money. It was designed for use with 1/64 to 1/72 scale vehicles and figures but is not limited to that scale. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning are a few companies that provide cars that can be used in D6Racing. D6Racing is part dexterity game (throwing six sided die) and part miniatures game (tracking brakes, tires and fuel). The inspiration for this game stems from the love of racing, in all its formats. This game is an exercise in “imagination” and the thrill of the race. Careful attention was made to ensure that the rules were not overcomplicated and the gameplay flowed smoothly.
d6racing title
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Future Expansions to DBRC D6 Racing The following are expansions that will be offered for the standard D6 Racing game. These expansions provide advanced rules and are intended as an add-on to the original rules.
Module #1871 DBRC D6 Combat Racing Expansion: This add-on provides the rules on how to upgrade your vehicle for combat utilizing your Vehicle Build Points (VBP). This module includes additional NPV types for use in the game. Introduction of police interceptors covered in this expansion.
Module #1872 DBRC D6 Trail Truck Racing Expansion: A complete off road experience is the goal of this expansion. Covers various advanced terrain concepts and techniques on how to tackle the obstacles using optional gear purchased by your VBP. Module #1873
DBRC D6 Zombie Apocalypse Racing Expansion: No game would be complete without rules on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse. This module includes additional NPV types for use in the game.


15 comments on “D6Racing

  1. Great article that this person wrote on Modifying your hotwheels and matchbox cars into killer machines! -F4x4

  2. Jaido toys makes some great diecast Battlecars for D6 Racing (a hot wheels / matchbox / anything 1/64 scale) miniature game! Check out the following pics

  3. Appropriate tags for DBRC D6Racing are:
    miniature model car racing rules
    1/64 scale car racing
    Hot Wheels miniature car racing
    Matchbox miniature car racing
    tabletop miniature race car rules

    Any other ways to say it? -F4x4

  4. Finally have completed the DBRC D6 Racing Trail trucking module! All that remains is to type up the module.

    These additional rules to the D6Racing main rules will provide you with the ability to simulate your own KING OF HAMMERS offroad race! Stay tuned for this add on will be called: “MODULE #1871 DBRC D6 Trail Truck Racing EXPANSION”

  5. a game with a similar design goal STEEL FLEET WARFARE

    [video src="https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/140762/video-98620-h264_high.mp4" /]

    Its on kickstarter. Big difference between our game and it, ours is free and we dont use any custom bases nor action points. Just fill out your vehicle build sheet and play!

  6. Ah yes the game has been modified into 2 other games. D6Racing is as it is. DXRacing branched off into 2 parts. The first version was similar to D6Racing but using all possible dice as gearing mechanism and alittle physics….the more sides a die has, the further it will roll. Thus a D20 is faster than a D6 gear. It also involved a very boardgame like feature of mining locations. Each location could be trapped, have an event trigger or fine some goodies…..in addition, every car was equipped with a rear mining pod for extracting materials. These materials could then be used to purchase weapons and items to provide an edge to your vehicle. The second version of DXRacing involved using movement templates, thus making it a very different game. In summary, i believe i am going to go back to the first iteration and work on it more. That i believe is the more “adventurous” game of the two. Unfortunately i do most everything on paper. Thus its pretty well fleshed out………its just on paper right now. -F4x4

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