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  1. No outhouse needed! a simple Cathole will do…….Albeit, i plan on building something to sit on!

    “A cathole or cat hole or sometimes pighole[1] is a pit for human feces. Catholes are frequently used for the purpose of disposing of bowel movements or waste water (such as the water from cleaning the kitchen dishes) by hikers and others engaging in outdoor recreation.

    Catholes must be located at a reasonable distance from water sources (rivers, lakes, etc.), to avoid possible bacterial contamination of water via precipitation, as well as away from trails. It is recommended to avoid concentration of catholes around campsites. Filled catholes must be covered with a reasonably thick layer of soil, to prevent access by animals, some of which are coprophagous.

    The hiking and camping community[2] consider it essential for catholes to be dug a minimum of 30 metres away from sources of drinking water, and at least 20 metres from any footpath. In practice, a cathole may need to be further away from running water than the minimum recommended distance, especially if it is located uphill from a river or stream, as rain can still cause pollution run-off and consequent contamination.”

    If you dont bring your own seat……here is a primer on positions!

  2. TLC tv series “RISKING IT ALL” starts on Nov 18
    “Escaping the pressures of modern society proves to be an unforgettable and life-changing adventure as three families set out to live off the land. These families not only unplug their smartphones and tablets, but they also give up electricity and running water for a life off the grid in a drastic last resort to reconnect with each other. From attempting to save their marriage to dealing with family illness to regaining control of their relationships, each family has a different reason for embarking on the journey of a lifetime. The three families pack up their homes, say their good-byes to loved ones, and prepare for the challenges that come with trading in the luxuries of modern-day society for a self-sufficient life.

    In a world where we have more forms of connection than ever before we tend to lose ourselves in the constant connectivity. “Risking It All” captures something many modern day families can relate to — a strive and struggle to revisit building relationships and getting back to basics.

    Tune in Tuesday Nov. 18th at 10/9c to follow their journey as our families risk it all to travel outside their comfort zone and return to a simple way of living — in a world where they will be challenged to come together as they live life off the grid.”–TLC

  3. That awesome you can get a cheap Delco alternator from the junk yard and convert it

  4. Looks like vsteada found a tractor


  5. Ensure that a proper hydraulic test is done……bucket raised and left for several hours. Look at the long term—-will it be cheaper to rent or pay someone to clear the property? just some thoughts. yeah to find a decent tractor,,,,,usually cost 7K for a reliable tractor.

  6. By the time its all said and done the tractor will cost $4K i bet. The tractor is a vintage ford tractor specialist. His an old guy that only charges $25 an hour, opposed to the Tractor Hill price of $80 an hour. I am getting it looked over, cause it has some issues. Nothing major, but it will be an awesome tractor when done. I love the way the thing looks! I have seen it drive and operate the bucket, and the pto works. That was the test I did when I saw it.

  7. I am going out today to start building the tractor shed, its going to be strong, simple, secure, and on the cheap! I got 31 pieces of 2×4 metal structural studs for free. I am building a 10×20 slant roof. I wish we had funds to install a garage door!!!

    • yeah in replies….i cant directly insert pictures…..i have to reply, then edit my reply and use the editing tools to click on the image button, then paste my URL to the picture.

      I’ll check your permissions……nothing has changed as far as i know. -F4x4
      PS– i will down at big mommas house doing taxes on Feb 21-22….maybe we can play ARC or if you need help with getting the boats assembled—bring them over!

  8. Uploading your pics to photo bucket and pasting the http like is the easiest way and it doesn’t use up sites limited space

  9. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


    We are going to add the gate next weekend! Also, install another gate at the secondary entrance.

    We are getting there!

  10. Wow! a truly herculean effort!

    Can you set andrew up with an email account that does not have his last name in it? Then have him simply post a comment in the lego area and i will approve it and add him! -F4x4

  11. That is a nice sized water wheel! 😉 Im amazed at its size……would definately collect alot of water—–you going to make the paddle wheels out of wood? or weld?–F4x4

  12. Pallet wood could be cheap/free if you can find a warehouse that has a pile that they are trying to trash……..then again plastic may last alot longer.
    Any thoughts on the alternator/generator?

  13. I’d like to use an AC power head, still doing research on that. Maybe you can help us out, you have some experience on that subject.

    • EVeryone seems to always dump a charge to a battery via an alternator……i believe is still a good source for the alternator (PMA -permanent magnet alternator) for this. If you dont want the WEAR and TEAR……..make a locking mechanism for the water wheel….thus the alternator is not being used 24/7——no need to run it if the battery bank is at 90%.

      Could build a little shacky thing just to hold batteries, charge controller and INVERTER (AC). Then all building sites run an extension cord or line out to the shack for power. -F4x4

  14. I’m trying to figure out if something like this will work


    Voltage drop of cables using DC 12volt and 4/0 AWG copper wire going 100′ @ 6$/foot

    Voltage drop: 0.0098
    Voltage drop percentage: 0.082%
    Voltage at the end: 11.9902

    Thus given these stats……of only .082% drop over 100′—you could go 200′ without a problem….or go 3/0 copper (cheaper) or smaller wire.

    Sizing of how large the battery bank needs to be can be done with this calculator

    A good start in my opinion is to go with 12volt deep cycle (no water maintenance needed) run in parallel.. Qty 5 @ 100 amp hours each for a total of 500 amp hour capacity. If its too small…..simply buy more batteries until it meets the need.

    Battery voltage reference:

    the TS-60 by tristar is better at charging in my opinion….it is capable of 60amps! each of my solar panels can produce 7 amps….just to give you a size comparison. Optional display is a MUST.

    INVERTNERS for AC power
    AFter running 12volt DC 100-200 feet to the main island, convert it to AC power and bury the line.
    The SolarEdge inverters are about 1900$ and capable of up to 10KW!

    more research is needed here….since we need to ensure only 12-48 volt input @60amps to charge controller… do you ensure RPMs do not EXCEED rating……more rpm=greater voltage.


    Hydro calculations

  16. BUILD A ROAD -cheap, affordable and no DOZER!

    Step1. Lay down a strip of landscape fabric for each TIRE path
    NOTE= this will ensure that the ground does not suck up all your gravel over time.

    Step2. Shovel gravel at about 1-2″ over the landscape fabric


    We have done this at our house and it has lasted forever. Has even had a tow truck carrying our Diesel truck and trailer attached roll over it without slippage and sinking.–F4x4

      • It would simply DOUBLE the amperage… ensure the RPMs dont overspin during a flood, a fuse would be put in-line to prevent damage to the charge controller. What size alternator? It will be 100% dependent on the RPMs produced by the water wheel…..thus we will need this info before designing anything. -F4x4

  17. Progress


  18. Looking nice! will you have any danger of winds? if so, anchoring via mobile home anchors might be a good think. My metal carports need them badly….since they are lightweight and sorta cheap. -F4x4

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