All things related to the RC commercial trucks and utility vehicles.  Some AFV and 6×6 maybe posted here.

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44 comments on “RCTruck

  1. Yes it is very hard to get 1/6 scale vehicles to go along with my 1/6 figures. ……still have plans on building a mini-village at the home site for the figures and vehicles. Here are some images from the documentary MARWENCOL, which uses 1/6 figures:

  2. Wow! nice price……the 199$ one is definitely better priced…..at 80$ more for the accessories pack—the 279$ is not worth the buy. With that being said……….i believe i would still hold out for the TRX—-think about it “PORTAL AXLES”!!! 🙂

  3. WOW—why did you show me the 1/5!??? would love to complete the cockpit on one of those and stick a figure in it for realism. But yeah,,,,,,,i would have to agree with the unrealistic MOA configuration. The 4WS is pretty neat though.

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