This page is dedicated not only to Itachari (bikes) but also Itasha (cars)….bascially anything dealing with decorating your transportation with Anime graphics—-including your RC!
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These are known as Itachari (痛チャリ) and can usually be seen dotted around Akihabara.
痛 (ita) = Pain
チャリ (chari) = Bike

It is a bike with anime, manga, and video game characters decorating usually the wheels. The decorations usually involve paint schemes and stickers or coverings on the wheels. These characters are predominately moe females.
Anime characters. It’s called itachari..”

Post any interesting ITACHARI on these pages! Now if only someone can do this with a minibike!

This website is a great source on the step by step HOW TO…..using Google chrome—-as it has a builtin translator!

As for materials…you’ll need .040 Styrene sheets for the spoke covers—-go here:

The following is a DIGITAL LED system that can display animated graphics on your spokes….it is quite amazing—but 200$!

The ANIPOV led system is neat…..but defies the artfulness of true itachari! In addition, the whole purpose of this is to come up with cheap/free ways to be creative!

Here are a few pics i have found that are pretty nice:

something different….check out this macross valykyrie 1/100 model itasha styled!

…if you want a model car at 1/24….look towards AOSHIMA for one….or just buy a ITASHA sticker kit which can be had for 5$. Below are some AOSHIMA Models

love this stepvan!


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