QRC Outlow Dirt Oval Kart  http://www.qrckarts.com/


12 comments on “KARTS

  1. If you want to start this were going to have to start cheaper like with lawn tractor karting. We can pick up a cheap lawn tractor for about $400 and convert it for racing.

  2. KARTS UNDER 2000$!

    OK, i’ve been looking at karts that we could get for offroad.
    The Kandi 150 looks pretty good at 1700$
    NOTE= see also the KANDI SPYDER
    Any thoughts about 150CC? sounds small….but its not were racing these things at maximum velocity. The clearance is 12″ and it looks like a promising frame.

    another one i’ve been looking at is the aerohawk 150 at about the same price.


    I believe i do like the KANDI of the 2. Any comments?

    Here are some other brands.
    The ROCKETA at $1895


    The Trailmaster 150 XRS and XRX (more pricier of the 2) are another option but the ground clearance is 6.7″ vs. 12″ of the above models

    This is the buggy that started it all…..at 11.6″ ground clearance and equipped with a HONDA engine…….i believe this maybe a great contender!


    The bms sand sniper 150 looks promising too…..i believe this is a reputable company with good quality components.

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