United States Lawn Mower Racing Association’s Official Website

Now to figure out, which Mower to base our racing upon?????

killerC found a nice one on craiglist for 200$….and WITH a Kohler engine!

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I have a book on Lawn mower racing that we can look at when we get together to work on the minibikes.

Meanwhile—-lets try to nail down a few old lawnmowers that can be used for racing.  POST your comments and links here:


14 comments on “Mower

  1. Well if the person comes through later today I will have this

    Only $200, 18hp and if we dont race them I will use it to cut the grass but I still want to get my little John Deere running it’s a better size for my yard.

  2. AWESOME! game on! Like the look of it….and its got plenty of HP…..simply whip off the drive belt powering the blade desk and presto!—LETS RACE! formula4x4

    • Awesome VID! Looks pretty stock save for the tires and the GRAB bars they welded on. KillerK….get some pics of your ride—-so we can have a BEFORE and AFTER history of the build.

  3. awesome looking mowers—–problem with the troybilt mower that i have is that it doesnt have the “BONES” to be a true lawnmower racer. Those in the video look like old Murrays. -F4x4

  4. Yes it does, their all built basically the same. Engine on a frame, to make it look like the ones on the video you have to lower them.

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