Welcome to the military vehicles page… im just looking at vehicles that can be had at 10k and under.  HERE too are ideas for Scaler RC trucks.


no this one pictured below is about 20k…..but below that is where the discussion starts.  BTW this is a STEYR PUCH Pinzgauer 710 with 2 piece Hardtop

you can buy it here:

M818 6×6

My fav…..but dont know if i could stomach the repair costs:


you can find them between 3000$ to 8000$ depending on condition.   The really nice ones have a functional PTO driven winch on the front….that’s the one to get!  Need the owners manual?  go here


AKA the Deuce in Half or Half ton truck…..available in the 6×6 format.   A decent one will run you about 7K

offered in A1 A2 and A3 …ex=M35A2 (pictured)

Go here to get one on the east coast  …because you gotta factor in the gas to bring it back!


offered in a4x4 and 6×6, these were built super duper tough,,,,,need to go across boulders? This is the one to buy….too bad there hard to get a hold of

here’s the 6×6 version going for about 11k  ….hey its the ULTIMATE offroad vehicle

want it?  whip out the CC here it is  BTW you’ll be driving to Arizona to pick it up….let me know if you need a ride to the airport

YES this 6×6 is the ultimate offroad vehicle—see below from

“The Pinzgauer has a chassis design which contributes to its high mobility. It has a central tube chassis[2] with a transaxle which distributes the weight more evenly, and keeps the centre of gravity as low as possible. The differentials are all sealed units and require minimal additional lubrication. The Pinzgauer also has portal axles like the Unimog to provide extra clearance over obstacles. The 710 4×4 was the more popular variant, but the Pinzgauer was designed to have a very capable 6×6 configuration from the start. The rear suspension on the back of the 6×6 712 is designed to provide maximum traction in the most demanding circumstances along with increasing its towing, load carrying, and off-road abilities.”

KAISER Jeep M813

About the same price as the M35

A Nice source to find military vehicles on sale:

One of my favorite sites:


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