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Love the RED DRAGON on the chain guard –formula4x4



40 comments on “MiniBikes

  1. Here is my old seat recovered. Oh yeah! GENUINE PLEATHER is the new leather I think…I think?!

    Another pic:

  2. Just a vid to show some the BLING BLING mods being done out there to minibikes.
    PS—i did add an aluminum shield to protect my right-leg from getting burned on the exhaust pipe. NEXT,,,,i’ll protect the rear pipe!

  3. What do you think about Front Fender plates? would add some Flare to the mini bikes. Let me know what you thnk. here is a sample pic of a fender plate, you normally find these on vintage motorcycles:

  4. Are you going to make some of these plates? That looks good, I’ll go with a DBRC1 plate, nah you can have the number one plate. I’ll go with #3 since I am the third brother.

  5. Ok guys, found something that looks pretty cool to serve as the offroad trailer for those beasty bajas!

    It’s 149$ on amazon! it is called the “DIRT KING”

  6. Yeah me too……too bad they want a small fortune for some of them. The benelli is actually pretty futuristic for its time.

    ONLY 5 DAYS till we hit TASKERS GAP/Peter’s Mill run ATV trails!

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