Ideas about micro/mini vehicles or clown cars that you can ride.

Simply buy an el cheapo 100CC mini atv/quad.  Like this:

And look on your local craigslist for the COVER that will fit over it.  Here are some examples:

TOTAL cost project depends on whether you buy used or new.

New mini-atv 110cc is around 500$, used probably half that.   Power Wheel– about 265$ new, around 75used$

Thus total cost of project is NEW=800$, USED=$400-500


23 comments on “MiniVehicles

  1. I noticed that RAZOR now has a mini-ATV (battery powered)……maybe kinda neat to take one of those and put a jeep body one it. Just a thought. Albeit it would never be as good as the mini-atv gas models that i spotted on youtube.

    • WOW! you gonna put one of those jeep power wheels bodies on it?
      You HAVE to! ….and if you want to go further and get a 20$ mini winch from harbor freight, to pass as a scale winch! -formula4x4

  2. Out of our price range at least until we get rid of the kids that means Estrada will be in his 80s before he gets one

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