Optimus Prime’s APEX ARMOR trailer!

i have never seen this thing before.

The new transformers generations is considered a POWERMASTER optimus prime……but unlike the old commemorative edition—it did not come with an APEX trailer. Here is the pic of the one that i have picked up about 6 months ago.

Two Very nice Optimus Prime toys!

The first video is the highly detailed version, while the second is just as nice but stands at 18″ tall!

The UM-01 —a whopping 1000$ diecast.

the MAS-01— a more respectable 350$ model.

Lastly…..if you crave a nice optimus, look at the MPP10 Masterpiece for 100$ on amazon!

Mutant Year Zero!

a game about…..empire building! First you flesh out your base, the ark….then the surrounding landscape around it, the zone…..then you discuss projects amongst your team on how to protect, expand, improve the ark (your base) with the group, the assembly.

Pretty intersting world building—-reminds me of the quiet year rpg in a way.
A free preview is available for download.-F4x4