When is big too big? maybe its best to go the opposite—-go micro!?



IF you like PAthfinder adventure card game (an rpg that can be played solo via cards), then take a look at the other lonesharkgames’ Apocrypha!

NOTE: The game is somewhat of a dark theme–only for ADULTS!

Hiya Toys!

Hiya Toys is producing amazing 1:18scale toys that look closed to 1:6 quality!

Looks like aliens and predators are their first release.


PAthfinder RPG! Pawns!

PAthfinder seems to be the hottest thing out in the RPG world right now….and no wonder—with all the different things that you can get to support your games…its no wonder–F4x4

FantasyFlight Games new STAR WARS Legion!

“Before you’re leading your army into epic battle in the Star Wars universe, your game begins by defining the battlefield with your opponent. Star Wars: Legion can be played on any flat, open play surface measuring six feet by three feet. This could be a table at your house, a space on the floor, or a terrain table at your local retailer.”–https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/5/battlefield-recon/

WPL B-1 Rc Truck!

Finally had some free time to run my new B-1 truck (courtesy of killerk).
I actually really like it!…….got to mess around in the mud and on the hillside. With my particular truck….there was some loose screws/slop in the steering rods,,,,tightening these made a HUGE difference. When i first started out with this i did notice that my REVERSE was weaker than normal…..no worries, this is just due to the BINDING between the receiver/transmitter—–simply turn the transmitter off and pull the trigger slightly while flipping ON the transmitter and presto….you have more REVERSE power. This little trick worked whether I needed more REVERSE power or Forward power. My steering is noisy but it still performed well enough.

Here is a neat video on how to upgrade this truck. One thing that is impressive……the plastic body is actually pretty THICK.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Model kits!

neat looking anime that i havent seen before…..check out the battleships!
These apppear to be 1/700 in scale…..probably good for a miniatures game using Fleet battles or full thrust rules. Note that these battleships transform….not to robots though, but still neat looking- f4x4