This page is dedicated for the posting of papercraft models and creations that can be found on the internet.  The below pics illustrate all of the FREE Warhawk models (Sony Entertainment contracted out papercraft engineers to develop these and they are all FREE.  Got here and under DOWNLOADS their is a papercraft link)

Get this 1:60 scale!!!! Destiny gundam.  get it here:


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    This from

    Paper Craft Tools
    I received a lot of inquiries from people that are just starting or new to paper crafts about what particular tools and paper I use, nothing fancy here, I just bought my entire paper craft tools from walmart. Here is a list of basic tools for starting with paper craft:

    Craft Knife – If you want a knife that would last, I recommend the Fiskars brand, the one with the ergonomic shape, replaceable blade, and SoftGrip technology for maximum comfort and control (I use blade #11).
    Craft Mat – this is where you are going to do your paper cutting, I prefer the “self-healing” mats. (I use a 9″x12″).
    Scissors – any kind of narrow tip/blade scissors would do.
    Glue – any type of crafting glue would do, but I prefer the ones that dry clear ( I use Elmer’s white glue)
    Small Plastic Paint Pallete – this is optional, I just use this to hold my glue in small amounts.
    Ruler – any 12″ would do.
    Printer – any type of colored/bubble jet printer or you could also get your stuff printed at your local print shop.
    Paper – you could use any brand of paper, as long as they are:
    Heavy A4 (210 x 297 mm) or regular (215.9 x 279.4 mm) paper
    110 to 135 lbs (0.16 to 0.18mm thick) – this is also known in the U.S. as Card Stock Paper

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