a Cheap not in production miniatures game that is still one of the best.

MAybe we can get v6steeda and Andrew into this?????   maybe jordy too?


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  1. Want more details in ship boarding? Try to find the now out of print miltonbradley game Broadsides and Boarding Parties

    Combine the SAVAGE WORLDS RPG for character/hero developement, the strategic campaign element of Pirates CSG, and improved boarding actions detail of Broadsides and Boarding parties resulting in a very complex pirate world.

    you might be able to find a copy really cheap out on the internet.

  2. http://www.nobleknight.com/ProductDetail.asp_Q_ProductID_E_2147469557_A_InventoryID_E_2147871562_A_ProductLineID_E_2137423983_A_ManufacturerID_E_2145084807_A_CategoryID_E_5_A_GenreID_E_

    Check out the above link. These are prebuilt islands, initially designed for the UNCHARTERED SEAS miniature game….but usable in pirates CSG.

    Built by Amera Plastic Mouldings

    Check out this HARBOUR
    Island measurements: 47cm L x 30cm W x 9cm H
    Harbour measurements: 25cm L x 20cm W

  3. The Oceans edge packs

    Released on April 18, 2007, “Ocean’s Edge” added Whirlpools as a terrain type, Windcatchers and Catamarans as new ship types, and Sea Dragons and Titans (giant crabs) as new monster types. A 10-masted ship called the Zeus and her captain Emperor Blackheart were available as a mail-in promotion.

    Due to the cancellation of the production back in 2009?……there hasnt been anything new for Pirates CSG…..BUT there are soo many expansion sets available for the game.

    Best place to figure out which sets you may like is to go here:

    The site will give you a breakdown of what NEW items were added to the game………….would be nice to have forts! I believe we only have the “Pirates of the Spanish Main” set?…not 100% on that….which is the 1st set. Forts were introduced in the “Pirates of the Crimson Coast”.

    Additionally we could MAKE OUR OWN? 😉 maybe some papercraft boats with special stats or simply PROXY a nice model with the ship that you want to field in a game!

    HERE ‘s a nice site that summarizes the game options…and has some house rules:

    HEre is a good site to lookup your NEXT Ship!
    Want to find that ULTRARare ship?…..just use the search engine 😉

  4. About the “At Oceans Edge MEGAPACK”
    According to this discussion https://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=472321

    “Each mega-pack has one mega-sized ship, which may be a sea dragon, a windcatcher, or a catamaran. (Any other types I’ve forgotten?) None of these are game-breakers, but they all have their uses, they all look pretty cool (to my eye), and if you want to collect ’em all, you need them just as much as any other cards.

    Since, by my math, there are only six mega ships, you’ll get a lot of doubles if you buy many mega-packs. A lot of FLGS’es don’t stock them, so you’ll probably find plenty of takers if you want to use the extra mega ships as trade bait. Price-wise, there’ s no saving over buying regular packs, except you essentially get the mega ship free.”

  5. hmmmm…..i couldnt find a PNP….at least not at first search.
    I did find that they have a VASSAL Module! Its a boardgame emulator……some are good/OK,,,,,,,,,it doesnt handle enforcement of rules,,,,thus its like the REAL boardgame—just rendered on a computer screen. There is a PLUS to using vassal…..i believe we could theoretically play via internet! Lastly, the modules are FREE…….most are taken down by the manufacturers….but there are still many good modules out there….so check it out. Download and install the Main Vassal App here: http://www.vassalengine.org/download.php

    Here is the Pirates CSG module:


    Ever want to prototype or develop your own game with out wasting alot of paper/money? Do it in VASSAL! 😉

  6. HEres a sample of the xwing module changes: a lot of NEW ships available!

    Version 7.7.1

    Sheathipede-class now shows correctly rotated ship action (shift-a, etc.)
    Many ships which can have the forward launch ability can now launch these bombs with the CTRL-SHIFT-B frontal bomb spawner
    Chopper astromech is now correctly counted as 1 squad point during autospawn
    Some issues with illicit and extra munitions token in the same list during autospawn is now resolved
    TIE Silencer maneuver ref card now shows bank 3 as green instead of white.
    Version 7.7.0

    M12-L Kimogila Fighter (wave 12) is now fully playable
    Sheathipede-class Shuttle (wave 12) is now fully playable
    TIE Silencer (wave 13) is now fully playable
    B/SF-17 Resistance Bomber (wave 13) is now fully playable
    Autorange is now possible for all types of arcs, adding front aux arc, mobile turret arc and bullseye arc + bug fixes for older autoranges
    Autorange toggled on will now be visible to all players and observers
    Bombs can now use the Forward 5 maneuver template for Bomb Launching
    Cargo Debris will now be involved correctly in an overlap event even if it’s rotated
    Version 7.5.2

    The Lancer-class Pursuit Craft arc graphics will now rotate with the ship’s orientation
    Version 7.5.1

    Barrel rolling into empty space no longer only works for the player performing the roll
    Alpha-class Star Wing now has side action icons
    Lancer-Class now has better options for firing arc toggling

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