a Cheap not in production miniatures game that is still one of the best.

MAybe we can get v6steeda and Andrew into this?????   maybe jordy too?


19 comments on “Pirates

  1. Want more details in ship boarding? Try to find the now out of print miltonbradley game Broadsides and Boarding Parties

    Combine the SAVAGE WORLDS RPG for character/hero developement, the strategic campaign element of Pirates CSG, and improved boarding actions detail of Broadsides and Boarding parties resulting in a very complex pirate world.

    you might be able to find a copy really cheap out on the internet.

  2. http://www.nobleknight.com/ProductDetail.asp_Q_ProductID_E_2147469557_A_InventoryID_E_2147871562_A_ProductLineID_E_2137423983_A_ManufacturerID_E_2145084807_A_CategoryID_E_5_A_GenreID_E_

    Check out the above link. These are prebuilt islands, initially designed for the UNCHARTERED SEAS miniature game….but usable in pirates CSG.

    Built by Amera Plastic Mouldings

    Check out this HARBOUR
    Island measurements: 47cm L x 30cm W x 9cm H
    Harbour measurements: 25cm L x 20cm W

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