On this page, list some projects you are working on.

a) build a waterline model ship which can be controlled by a Microprocessor.

Some ideas:  Use a papercraft model for a “mock-up” before purchasing a Tamiya model.

Here is a nice one :  tis only about 10″ long though…..maybe alittle small unless the motors and servos are at 1/64 scale HO size from slot cars.

KillerK concept:



26 comments on “Projects

  1. [IMG][/IMG]

    picked up this little toy rc robot—-hopefully the motor and wheel contraption can be made to drive the model

    this is a Zibit infrared controlled robot–the wheel only has 2 modes: straight and 90 degrees

  3. NEW PRoject! 1/5 AUDI Qattro body for the HPI BAJA 5B.

    It will be based on a 1/24 scale papercraft rally car, see the following link:

    IF all works out, will pass these on to killerk and v6steeda to apply fiberglass…..followed by final paint job. But for now, the prototype will simply be made with cardboard. Here is a pic of what it should look like.

    Unless its successful, i will not be replacing the baja5B tires with 1/5 road tires……thus it will look just alittle off.

    I simply take the 1/24 scale papercraft and scale it with FOXXIT pdf reader at 600X! -F4x4

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