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27 comments on “RCCar

  1. It’s the two wheel drive version but can easily be converted to the 4wd version, it was only $50 and I just love the Schlesser body.

    • WOW! yeah that was worth it, if ONLY for the body! awesome buy….yeah i still love the nitro engines…..albeit they are always finicky when it comes to the variance in temperature.

    • Tamiya made one at one time, it was #58238: Schlesser Buggy
      Here are the pics:

      Honestly i believe,,,,,as a REACHABLE goal, we should RALLY-UP the SLASH chasis we already own. What do you think?
      Check this pic out as an example:

    • Yeah ive seen this very one at my local antique shop for 20$. Thought about it many times……but i would probably buy it for a static model to pull on an RC trailer/ lowboy trailer. NExt project: Tank transport capable lowboy trailer 😉

    • Glad you didnt. They made soooo many of those mach5s……and frankly the one you sent seemed alittle iffy. I couldnt be positive if it was the 1/10 rc version. The only way to tell is if they item pictured the proper transmitter.

    • if v6steeda is IN, i can spot the 150 for the Kumamon…..would have to pay when i pickup though. Let me know!….so i can prevent spending any of my hobby money. -F4x4

  2. The WR-02C chassis is a fun chassis, you can do wheelies. I guess it depends on if you want a serious racer or a fun racer/basher

  3. yeah the m03 is expensive…..only way to go cheap is to stick with the ABC Hobby “Gambado” chassis . Rcmart carries the honda city and honda CR-Z amongst other small hatchback-like cars. Would be good to pickup the gambado and put a mini cooper lid on it 😉

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