ShootOut Smoking REvolver!  This page is for the evolution of Shootout SR!  post ideas here.


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  1. has a great list of character types ….read below

    Western Characters
    A specialized set of Stock Characters common to stories set in the American West of the 19th Century and used in The Western. Almost as stylized and precisely-defined as the characters of commedia dell’arte.
    Riders of the Purple Sage
    Gay Cowboy
    The Drifter
    Knight Errant
    The Gunslinger
    Fastest Gun in the West
    The Trope Kid
    Retired Gunfighter
    The Gunfighter Wannabe
    Young Gun
    The Highwayman
    The Rustler
    Retired Outlaw
    Bounty Hunter
    Samurai Cowboy
    Circuit Judge
    Hanging Judge
    Pinkerton Detective
    The Sheriff
    Clueless Deputy
    U.S. Marshal
    Camp Cook
    Hunter Trapper
    Mountain Man
    The Pioneer
    Rich Folk
    Cattle Baron
    Railroad Baron
    Determined Homesteader
    Determined Homesteader’s Children
    Determined Homesteader’s Wife
    Determined Widow
    Townsfolk and others
    The Barber
    The Blacksmith
    Chinese Laborer
    Chinese Launderer
    City Slicker
    Corrupt Businessman
    Dry Crusader
    Forty Niner
    Frontier Doctor
    Medicine Show
    Snake Oil Salesman
    Meek Townsman
    Morally Bankrupt Banker
    Bank Teller
    Pony Express Rider
    Railroad Employee Roundhouse
    Remittance Man
    Shop Keeper
    Southern Gentleman
    Wasteland Elder
    Western Union Man
    The Church
    Preacher Man
    The Missionary
    The Saloon
    The Bartender
    Miss Kitty
    Soiled Dove
    The Piano Player
    Professional Gambler
    Saloon Owner
    Indian Maiden
    Magical Native American
    The “Half-Breed”
    The Noble Indian
    The Savage Indian
    White Man Gone Native
    Mighty Whitey
    The Army
    Army Scout
    The Delaware
    Cavalry Officer
    The Seventh Cavalry


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  3. Collected COMMENTS from other posts related to this page…

    AUGUST 12, 2015 @ 6:10 PM EDIT
    i like the drawings! Do you think that we should move the life counter to the bottom….and add a BARREL of a gun at the top. Each shot taken ends up in the barrel. Barrel can have Markings to designate TIME. starting at 7am and going to later in the day. High noon, 12pm, could be a SPECIAL time……where if you have a Special GOLDEN bullet (think highlander—only 1 player has the golden bullet)—-you can kill anyone/anything with the single shot. Do you like that mechanic?-F4x4
    Congrats to v6 on having the new addition to the family “V2steeda”

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 1:57 AM EDIT
    Basic rules

    1. Pick your opponent
    2. Draw two ammo
    3. Load ammo (optional)
    4. Spin the revolver
    5. Take action

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 2:18 AM EDIT
    Some player ideas

    Hunter trapper – rifle – long range
    Gun slingger – two pistols – more than one shot
    Moonshiners – shotgun – hits players next to opponent
    Miners – dynamite – massive damage
    Indian – bow and arrow – shots out of turn
    Knife – thug – ?
    Card player gambler – pocket pistol – returns fire
    Doctor – medical bag – heals out of turn

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 3:21 AM EDIT
    Shoot out smoking revolver

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 3:42 AM EDIT
    So far this is my idea of the play mechanics. Everyone gets a widget and randomly picks a p layer card. Everyone loads one ammo and spins first person to get a shot goes first. If more than one player gets a shot those players keep spinning until only one is left, that person starts and the next player is the person clockwise.
    The person in turn picks their opponent first then draws two ammo out of the ammo bag or they can load two ammo if they already have ammo in there ammo belt. Now they can either load their gun with one round or keep it in their ammo belt for later. Building ammo in the ammo belt allows the player more options for loading later. Next the player spins the revolver and performs the action that the pointer lands on if no ammo is no the revolver no action is taken.
    The ammo used during the players turn is removed from the revolver and placed in the barrel of the gun and stays in play until the players next round. Example if it lands on an H for hide the player is hidden and can’t be shot and during that round and the other players can see that by looking at the barrel of the players gun.
    That’s the basic rules simple

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 12:33 PM EDIT
    I like it! AGain, play testing of 2-3 different rules will determine what will deliver a thematic effect in the game. Now the idea of hidden is a good one! is this to be on ammo casings?…..or should it be a tick that an arrow can land on when spinning the revolver. In short, there are 6 ammo slots (on the base game)……maybe ON the revolver their is an arrow (yellow) permanently marked on the opposite side of ammo slot 1 that points to a position of type HIDDEN. This would leave room for possibly 2 more position or situations on the bottom of the revolver—can you think of what would be the others? Maybe CLOSE, HIDDEN, POISON?
    Close would allow a knife fight (maybe a knife drawn on player card that allows 1 or 2 ammo casing to be inserted), HIDDEN would prevent any damage, and POISON would allow you to sabotage another player by forcing them to remove ammo from either the bag of ammo or from their ammo pouch.
    I like the idea of the BARREL to put USED/discarded rounds……it could also be used to trigger abilities/effects. Can you think of any? maybe 3 in a row of 1 kind in a barrel gives you two spins of the revolver on the next turn? ….just throwing out ideas—let me know if im confusing this with what you meant with how to use the barrel.

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 3:47 AM EDIT
    packaging could be a wooden ammo crate with the title burned into the wood.

    AUGUST 12, 2015 @ 4:08 PM EDIT
    perhaps something small that fits each player card within…..kinda like a pencil box but made to look like an ammo box

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 1:04 PM EDIT
    Hidden would be on the ammo and the barrel would show what action was played and currently in play

    AUGUST 11, 2015 @ 2:15 PM EDIT
    great–so bullets with an H on them. Any ideas on what can be done with the USED ammo in the barrel? or simply leave it alone in the BASE game.

    AUGUST 12, 2015 @ 6:15 PM EDIT
    Another element is adding BAD Bullets into a persons ammo bag—-these simply take up space in the revolver and dont allow you to do anything that round…no move, no shoot, no ability.-F4x4

    PICS from previous replies:

    • looks like they could definitely do the job!
      for now, revolver will be FIXED no movable for playtesting—-simply roll a 1d6 die and that is the focused chamber! I believe i have the rules hashed out—-come up with your own,,,,,ideally play at least 3 games using multiple variations of the rules and see which one is more enjoyable. -F4x4

    • Actually YES, much as far as the rules and have 5 TV trope character cards. Need to get them on paper. You ok with a Simulated revolver for now? Basically it is simply 6 slots resembling a revolver…..roll a 1d6 to find the ACTIVE BULLET! -F4x4

  4. Just some updated rule concepts for SR:
    3 action cards, played face dowin… hide your intentions.
    1 ATTACK with active bullet in revolver, 2 DEFEND, only attack back if attacked but reduce damage taken by 1, 3 LOAD the gun BARREL
    the Load barrel action can take any ACTIVE round and place it on a tracker that looks like a gun barrel above the play sheet. As you fill it up, it moves from code YELLOW to ORANGE to RED…….these trigger Character Abilities when “A” ammo is placed in the correct color code. In addition…….These ranges provide GUN Capability. YELLOW is close range, ORANGE is near, RED is FAR…….thus unlocking your capability to hit a target that is down range. Your character’s location is marked also as CLOSE/NEAR/FAR and thus is only used when being Targeted by other players…..the Barrel LOCATION indicator dictates the ATTACKERS ability to fire using the Revolver….not the barrel shot itself. Shooting the barrel does massive damage (accumulation of ammo damage marks–a kill if completely full and reaches KILL BULLET) and costs -1 life and -3 reserves. In addition you cannot dodge a BARREL Shot and it is not effected by RANGE. Dodge is only used to prevent Revolver attacks (quick).
    Im on the fence about the ability to DODGE………i like it in that you have some chance of escaping attack.-F4x4

  5. Lego makes some cheap 1-3$ minifigs—could simply used for tracking CLOSE/NEAR/FAR of your character.

    Ever thought of a designer lego set? would be easy to make a spinning revolver……BUT it may spin too freely! -F4x4

  6. For playtesting—-simply buy a pack of M&Ms—the color ratios will reflect what type of ammo you draw out of the bag! NOTE: there is a big difference in the ratio between the REGULAR, Peanut, Peanut butter and Almond Bags! Should make a quick and easy way to have ammo counters in the game! M&M cowboy 😉

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