This page is dedicated to all things SlingShot related!

The following are some slingshots! Works of Art!

And some MOD ideas for the Daisy P51!


37 comments on “Sling

  1. Check out these great ideas on how to convert our P51 to become a SLINGBow!
    That is 1 awesome thing about the Daisy P51 slingshot (besides it being completely adjustable to the shooter)…and thats the rail system—almost anything can be rigged to attach to it!

  2. Want to slingshot around the office for practice?
    Get this! Angry Birds slingshot set.

    or make your own set with a toy slingshot coupled with the collectable angry bird toys (which come in pairs!).

  3. Slingshot CANT angles! To ensure your angle……ive seen a simple metal rod attached—thus someone shooting at 30 can ensure that the metal rod is at 90 and the slingshot is at 30,,,resulting in a perfect shot.

    I still do like the idea of putting a LASER RED DOT to “paint” my target!-F4x4

  4. Made my first natural slingshot cost $0.00 bands were made from a bicycle tube that leaked, leather pouch was made from an old purse that was going to the Goodwill a few rubber bands and that was all.


  5. Found 10mm tube latex at Lowes but it was over $17 for ten feet, good stuff but little more than I was looking to spend. So I went to five below and found fitness latex bands there for like $3.00 so I’m giving that a try.

    slingshot#1 photo Courtland-20140216-00041.jpg

  6. I like the way it shoots but the yellow is a little week, Walmart sell heavier band for $7.00 going to try them next. I picked up some marbles and decorative glass planting marbles, you get more for your money with the plant marbles but the real marbles shoot so much better. The bust through the ceramic tile like its nothing.

  7. Put the stronger bands on and shortened the bands I think I got it right this time could still use some stronger bands not as strong as the B52s but can still break through the tiles.

     photo IMG-20140302-00042.jpg

  8. Also noticed that the slingshot I made has a very natural point of aim wheres the B52 is more like a bow and arrow where you have to concentrate on your form. When holding the one I made my hands and fingers are closer to the Y, I believe that’s why it has a more natural aim the B52 your holding a grip and your aim is different.

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