23 comments on “SlotCars

  1. I checked and everything is there it’s almost new, looks like it may have been ran four or five times. The yellow Corvette has an issue with its contacts but looks like an easy fix.


  2. The back of the box

    Picked this up at Goodwill for $45.00!!!!!!! Is that insane or what, and I thought my last slot car set was a deal!

  3. Check out the new Racer Lancia BETA!

    Racer SW16 Lancia Beta Montecarlo, Nurburgring 1979. Preorder now! – $69.99. Due August. SW16 Lancia Beta Montecarlo – Nurburgring 1000kms 1979 – R.Patrese/W.Rorhl

  4. Race Coordinator -a free lap counter for your laptop!
    Race Coordinator supports an unlimited number of drivers per race and an unlimited number of lanes on the track. Yes, that’s right, unlimited.

    Race Coordinator supports all the common track interfaces and sensor types:

    IR Sensors
    Reed switches
    Dead strips
    Web Camera
    Parallel port
    Game Port
    Carlson USB Sensor Trak
    DS200, DS300, DSxx
    Phidget sensors and relays
    Track call buttons and relays

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