Black Fire – Factions (1)

Hey, guys! Today I am going to talk about some of the factions/groups that appear/planned-to-appear in Black Fire (book)! This is not going to include the Cryosnipers – just some other ones..! Also, most words (ok, partially words) that are in parentheses are basically how to pronounce it. Most of the images are (bad) prototypes either done by hand or using software..! (I also suggest viewing these images on the blog itself and not the reader; some have clear backgrounds that WordPress may mess up thus of white words/else.)


Miim Robotics


Miim (mim) Robotics are robot manufacturers, builder, and coders. They made the Bornet (born et) and Horrnet (horn et) sentries and Malarv’s (mal larv) original body (and original code). They mainly specialize in on-the-field and war-type robots, such as medics, guards, assistance, fossil diggers, et cetera. But many of them are built for war or guarding/escorting. Miim is one of the common go-to war-robot suppliers.



Reked Industriesreked-industries-logo

Commonly just called Reked or Reked Ind., Reked Industries mainly makes vehicles of all kinds – cars, hover-based (craft) cars, starships/spaceships, bikes such as Kaneda (cane da), etc. Reked Ind. also has a war branch known as Bam Boom War Locked Keepers (BBWaLKer). This branch makes vehicles like fighter-class starships, walkers, defensive vehicle add-on/mod weapons, tanks, war-submarines, and else.

It also has it’s very own military, where they will help selected allies during a war. Reked Industries was first created during the Demonic War (started at the partly-fantastical land, Patria) after it reached out of Patria, a few months before the Odin’s War portion of the Demonic War, which was first raged on the planet Atla (I think; forget now). Black Fire is placed AFTER Odin’s War, around a few years.



Heilom Gunners

Heilom (heirloom) Gunners are a group of mercenaries that like switching sides. Hiper (hyper) is the leader of the large group, and sometimes have to compete with Aroose’s assassins for the job and pay. But they those two can cooperate with each other and if needed to they can also do co-op together (team-up for the job/employer).




Hope you liked ’em! I plan on working on some Black Fire today (yesterday I figured out/made-up for the situation the sentries/turrets/drones that are protecting a pathway to the control room, where Jack has to get into their so he can get/find (hopefully) the intel he needs, where he also discovers another plot, which he then takes upon himself)!