New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #3 – Everfreeze Icewater, Digging, and Cover!

Hey, guys! Am still making up ideas, and though I haven’t properly written it down in some rulebook-way, I want to share one or two I made today for the wargame-boardgame!


Everfreeze Icewater

Ice map piece or part 1Everfreeze [Ice]water is a special type of liquid tile. It is just like normal water but has more of an icy blue look, is always cold (hence ice water), and it freezes anything that goes in it (does not totally “ice-ify” the land around it, through it may make it colder), except for special guys, creatures and such that has either extreme tech or the natural intolerance (aka extreme anti-freeze fluids running through the body). This includes most if not all ice, snow, and related elemental creatures and beings and objects.

Everfreeze Ice tile

Player-placed tile

Through this bit has not been fleshed out enough to test, I also may have it so players can use some special guy or whatever to transport so it can be used in a moat – of the most dangerous kind. Also, this liquid can infinitely supply you, so that it works for oceans (of course they are infinite in real-life/fiction/lore, but they seems like it is so). And I don’t want it to get complicated for ponds…




At least one guy who has not been created yet will be able to dig through the terrain. These guys are the ones for making trenches. These trenches can also be filled with water, either by a connecting water source (where the every turn, whether it be player or other, one more liquid tile is placed in it from the source) or by player’s transportation forces.

Traps can also be placed in here. Forces can walk through empty ones, but there is one potential problem: It takes just as long to get in the pit as it is for ladder-climbing. So, by doing math, where each ladder-climbing action is 2 turns, the force has to go down (2) then move towards the slope, since they are at the bottom (1), and then go back up again (2); so, the equation is 2 + 1 + 2 = 5. Please note that at the bottom it is just like walking on land, so the 1 is 2 for a trench that is 2 tiles wide, and so on. Sorry if this is confusing. 😉

Anyways, this will let you build a moat! And, if you manage to capture and/or tame some, you can get some crocs and/or gators for your waterway! Also, this would be useful for making more paths for watercraft.




Sandbag Pillar

May change the color before giving out test-copies…

And the final thing, cover. As seen above, there is one form of cover shown – full cover, with the exact one above being a pillar of sandbags (also used for sandbag walls). These fully protect the player and are solid to the player (so they cannot normally walk through it or on top of it, and so they cannot attack through it. But, of course, they can move and/or attack from the sides of it.


Another type of cover is partial cover. That protects you from ranged attacks (another thing I need to do; assign melee and ranged attackers) but not melee attacks. Just like how ranged projectiles can “go through” it, the hiding entity can also attack back with ranged attacks (and melee too).

The last and most open type of cover, low cover, protects you from melee attack but not ranged ones, but can be walked upon as if it was a land tile (in-universe wise, they just vault over as seen in military parkouring exercises). So, now attackers can just vault over and give a knife to the enemy’s head. Brutality, kids, only when you want it in this game.



That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Hopefully, I’ll have a decent prototype rulebook to give out to some testers soon. – FictionCreator, The First VUer



Board Game Development 1#

Soooo… I’ve been developing a fantasy  (but not limited to fantasy) board game that I decided that I would like to share the progress (plus I need help make temporary paper-craft buildings to represent real in-game-piece buildings… More about that later)!

Right now am calling it Epic Fantasy: Lordships. EF:L is a multiplayer tile-based chess-like game where the goal is to capture OR kill (still working on THAT part…) your Fantasy Lord opponent. (In this game, players are considered Fantasy Lords.) There’s not so many stats, such as the common but not in-game HP, Stamina, or etc., but there is Movement/Movement Per Square (MPS) (tile-based), and attack-range for ranged units.

Also, the game in turned based (can move all units) and as of now if it is not your turn you look away from the game boards –  this gives it more realisticism, like reports from scouts, but mainly this is for hiding units behind 3 inch tall trees, etc.

Here is a sample of the neater types of units:

  • Wereworld Infector – MPS 3. Cannot attack, but infects enemy unit to make them turn sides (to the werewolf’s side)

There is also building/structure  creation/placing (WIP), such as Archery Towers, Wooden Walls, Wooden Bridges, etc.

The main type of tiles are air (air units only), water (water  and air units only), and land (all units). Secondary tiles are mud (slows land units down), and later I plan on lava (air units only) and acid (air units only). If you make the wrong type of unit go onto/into ones of these tiles, you would then have killed him/her/it.

Also, there will be looting…

Also, units can mount other units (such as Mothmen (air) mounting horses)

Here’s some really rough WIP stuff:

  • Taming System – Taming creatures that are tameable goes under a progress. Most of the time, you just need a tamer to tame it (such as a horse), but sometimes (for like training a Hydra) you need to undergo a system of training and taming.
  • Material Collecting/Farming System – materials are needed to create structures. Right now I have very basic things (which I have not tested out yet), such as from rocks you get stone, trees you get logs, etc. It will not be very advanced system; the main point of the game is fighting it out with wits and units.
  • Space System – Yay… This would definitely be an expansion pack. Landing Pads are needed for spaceship/spacecraft to go from the world and into space and vice-verse. This is where your asteroid mining and alien fighting come in…
  • Underground Level System – Ok, I know. Am starting a craze of units going in space, on land, and underground, but hey, someone’s got to have that in a board game! Here’s the level where you start your mining craze!
  • Quest System – Hey, if the games gonna take 12 hours, add more depth, right? By placing different props at the start or in the middle of the game (if you can create it in-game), you unlock different quests that can yield great rewards! Hydras! Spaceships! GOLD!!! Units! MORE!!!



It is suggested that the players player with multiple boards; the more boards the more strategy and longer play time ( 2 or 3 boards can last around 2-4 hours… I know this from experience. That’s without the level system… And collecting systems, and tons of other things + we were playing with like -24 units!).

Also, I just want to note that this game would be perfect for championships… So many possibilities! Dwarfs in space! Robots against Dragons! Modern against Fantasy! Aliens against… Jumping beans? (MAYBE…)


If you want to help me with the final game and the mock-ups I need/that would help:

  • Paper-craft buildings
  • Game Testers (Soon, not ready yet…)
  • Ideas (Units, materials, structures, etc.)


Am about to start writing drafts for the game – will post when a good version comes out!


So thanks for reading this craze of board game design that am working on!

Just watch out the Eating Trees (really – I do not want any more events of the said)!