Worldly Encounters Dev Log – Day 3

Ok, I started coding it (Worldly Encounters) about three days ago (may have been four through) in my 2D program of choice (and that I now know how to use): GameMaker: Studio. And today I will show off your progress! Also, I made a sprite for something I call a Pimker (made by me, again): spr_pimker_0

Here is a GIF of most of the stuff I have gotten done so far (or at the top if you already saw it or want to look there):


I made all the sprites myself! Also, it is not as laggy as shown in the GIF – but like most GIF maker software, it lags some..!  And it’s definitely not shaking at all! Basically, just note that there are some differences in real life than this moving image(s). As you can probably tell (and some you probably didn’t notice/know), there is player movement in 8 directions,

As you can probably tell (and some you probably didn’t notice/know), there is player movement in 8 directions, player facing the mouse’s direction (on the x and y scales), and (for now) it has instant taming of these wild creatures  when the player touches them so they can act as workers (Pimkers move slower than those blue workers – may call them Blubblues (singular Blubblu)). Meat that is once picked up by those Pimker workers are then put at the drop spot (temporarily); the brown square. Working Pimkers that when selected with the yellow area become alerted with a right click and go to a desired point that is clicked upon by a left click (though right now they do not stop once they reached the clicked spot..). And then, of course, the yellow seemingly highlighted area that follows the mouse (but that would be different in a controller set up.. probably use a stick to move the circle).


Unlike most written Dev logs that are posted to people who do not even care about how it is coded, I will be sharing it! I am currently learning it, so this stuff will (most likely) be easier for me to explain than others who have been using it for years!

Here is how I made the player always face the mouse and its x and y position (it is under the player’s Step event, the event where you do most of the code and its actions and do stuff like change variables, make if statements – usually true or false or if variable equals this number/variable time of stuff – et cetera):

image_angle = point_direction (x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y);

So, here is a breakdown of it: it is setting its image or set-of-sprite(s) angle (image_angle) of obj_player (obj stands for object) to be direction looking at (point_direction) the mouse. In the parentheses, x and y (x, y,) together is the set origin of the sprite (assigned earlier under the object’s sprite, in this case, spr_player (spr stands for sprite)) that is used as the position, and mouse_x and mouse_y (mouse_x, mouse_y) are the mouse’s x and y position which spr_player of obj_player “looks at.”

For workers, it is just the same line of code that is run under an if statement (conditional statement) to the position that the mouse is at AND (&& in GML) clicked at.


Here is one thing that I would like eventually in the game: A Logbook with all the stuff/info about creatures, plants, minerals, etc. To have an entry of something (e.g. Pimker) into the logbook, you would need to scan them in by some scanning/ device (yes, I want the scan the object/living thing for some seconds and BOOM! INFO type of thing 😉 )!


If you have any suggestion(s), you can post them/it below in the comments, and I probably will try to add them in a final version of the game! That last thing I want to say is that I have no schedule for posts (at least for these Dev logs), and plus there is the factor that not knowing HOW to code it or not having the TIME to do/try/learn it; even if I wanted to do a weekly/monthly thing. I’ll just post when something is worth talking about, even a little bit. AND sorry for typos and grammer mistakes if there are any.



See ya!