Pen-and-Paper RPG Mechanic – “Narrative Classes”

Hey, guys! FictionCreator (or Blubahub) here again about my roughly 1 and a half WIP pen-and-paper RPG.

I wanted to talk about a mechanic I implemented (like many of the new stuff I’ve made but not talked about yet, I haven’t fully tested it out yet,) classes in my system. But, these aren’t your normal classes.

(You can look at that while I “talk”)

I am taking a different route. Instead, am going for the more “narrative” road. Ability-type advantages. Or, a better way to put it, higher chance of succeeding in select tasks. Also, there can be disabilities. Both can also be not concerning a task, but rather a boost or some special mini-tracking stat (e.g., in the starting class Adventurer, you can choose one stat that your really good at). At the end, sometimes there is a d6 or d3 – this means you roll the die, and if it lands on 6 or 3 then you failed, otherwise, success. Some, though, do not have this, even for the task ones. This means that it automatically succeeds OR the stat concerns something else

Each advantage has a name, and some have “(Cannot be inherited).” Currently, there are three types of classes (or at least planned): Starting Class, Subclass, and Grand Class. Starting and Subclass are pretty simple, so am going to explain Grand Class: This is one of the more end-level classes. Also, class kits can be equipped (called Class Ability Kits, or CAKs). Classes can cost XP.

Also, before I go, I’m not fully sure what am going to do about the Professions stat. I was thinking it can mean “I know how to do _,” but then the problem can be is that it could clash with the class. I may just not have it. Or have the classes alternatively be called Professions.

Gotta go, sorry! Bye!



New Epic Fantasy: Lordships Dev Post #3 – Everfreeze Icewater, Digging, and Cover!

Hey, guys! Am still making up ideas, and though I haven’t properly written it down in some rulebook-way, I want to share one or two I made today for the wargame-boardgame!


Everfreeze Icewater

Ice map piece or part 1Everfreeze [Ice]water is a special type of liquid tile. It is just like normal water but has more of an icy blue look, is always cold (hence ice water), and it freezes anything that goes in it (does not totally “ice-ify” the land around it, through it may make it colder), except for special guys, creatures and such that has either extreme tech or the natural intolerance (aka extreme anti-freeze fluids running through the body). This includes most if not all ice, snow, and related elemental creatures and beings and objects.

Everfreeze Ice tile

Player-placed tile

Through this bit has not been fleshed out enough to test, I also may have it so players can use some special guy or whatever to transport so it can be used in a moat – of the most dangerous kind. Also, this liquid can infinitely supply you, so that it works for oceans (of course they are infinite in real-life/fiction/lore, but they seems like it is so). And I don’t want it to get complicated for ponds…




At least one guy who has not been created yet will be able to dig through the terrain. These guys are the ones for making trenches. These trenches can also be filled with water, either by a connecting water source (where the every turn, whether it be player or other, one more liquid tile is placed in it from the source) or by player’s transportation forces.

Traps can also be placed in here. Forces can walk through empty ones, but there is one potential problem: It takes just as long to get in the pit as it is for ladder-climbing. So, by doing math, where each ladder-climbing action is 2 turns, the force has to go down (2) then move towards the slope, since they are at the bottom (1), and then go back up again (2); so, the equation is 2 + 1 + 2 = 5. Please note that at the bottom it is just like walking on land, so the 1 is 2 for a trench that is 2 tiles wide, and so on. Sorry if this is confusing. 😉

Anyways, this will let you build a moat! And, if you manage to capture and/or tame some, you can get some crocs and/or gators for your waterway! Also, this would be useful for making more paths for watercraft.




Sandbag Pillar

May change the color before giving out test-copies…

And the final thing, cover. As seen above, there is one form of cover shown – full cover, with the exact one above being a pillar of sandbags (also used for sandbag walls). These fully protect the player and are solid to the player (so they cannot normally walk through it or on top of it, and so they cannot attack through it. But, of course, they can move and/or attack from the sides of it.


Another type of cover is partial cover. That protects you from ranged attacks (another thing I need to do; assign melee and ranged attackers) but not melee attacks. Just like how ranged projectiles can “go through” it, the hiding entity can also attack back with ranged attacks (and melee too).

The last and most open type of cover, low cover, protects you from melee attack but not ranged ones, but can be walked upon as if it was a land tile (in-universe wise, they just vault over as seen in military parkouring exercises). So, now attackers can just vault over and give a knife to the enemy’s head. Brutality, kids, only when you want it in this game.



That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Hopefully, I’ll have a decent prototype rulebook to give out to some testers soon. – FictionCreator, The First VUer


A Post About BoAR (ToL) RPG Rules Add-on

So, I have started writing some of the RPG rulebooks. Technically, right now am working on a rules add-on. Just a few. A sneak check, a possession check, and a state counter. And in this post am going to talk a little about it.

The state counter is a pretty simple thing; it is a sheet that is assigned to a character where players circle what state(s) their character is in. It could be simple things like awake, asleep, KOed, et cetera, but it can also be more complicated like paralyzed, in-cryosleep, on-fire, wet, dry, etc. I have not playtested it yet, but the biggest use I see for it is that if a game stops in mid-story, where then the players come back the next day(s), then they can already have a little info. E.g. “okay, so my character is on fire, so I should look for a water source…”

Now, in this one, am going to have the chance die in it. I have already spoken about that die. But let me tell you something new about it: The chance die like before has symbols, BUT it also now has in the bottom left corner a number. Like the die’s faces, it only goes 1-6.  Oh, and I now (using that word a lot) have another stat that is number-based: The character’s dice pool (count). These are used for checks. Let’s talk about one now.

In a possession check, the character’s have to be in a ghost-state to take-over a non-PC character’s or creature’s mind (or control an object). If they have 1-6 dice in their pool, then they roll 1 die, 7-12 equals 2 dice rolled, etc. They use the number, not the symbol, for this part. This is the max count of dice they can use. If it is above the dice pool’s count, then that player just uses all his/her dice. They roll against each other, and whoever has the better “hand” (the best dice faces) wins, and can control the character until they dispossess it or until something happens that the GM says undoes the effect. Mind-reading is virtually the same, being a little different, but the dice mechanics themselves are exactly the same.



Am not going to talk about the sneak check yet, but think stealth vs. awareness. I may even make a magic check, where it (may) act similar to a possession check. Well, actually, I think now am just going to make it GM, pick a number, if it lands on that then it fails, otherwise, magic equals done and successful. Though of course, this check may not work all the time for spell-casting.


Thinking about a card RPG – VU Brainstorm

Hey! It’s been a week or two now (if am right) since I’ve written an article/post on ‘d’es ‘ere blog!’


Today I got a gaming mag by GameStop – Game Informer – and in the review section, I found what I think of as a card RPG. I looked at one of the one-post-page-review-of-a-game,-in-game image; it was either some inventory, something in a chest/loot box, or just saying what the player earned. It had a whole bunch of cards. They all either had a def. or off./dmg.. Then that got me thinking – a card RPG! Is there any out there? NO. Now, you may think of other stuff (including Pokey – something), as in other card games, but they aren’t tabletop/pen ‘n’ paper RPGs by far. I mean, there is none role-playing (you can’t really tell someone that saying stats is role-playing; they won’t believe you if they’re in their right mind) elements that are in modern fantasy/sci-fi/fantastical/whatnot card games, regardless of their “theme”. But why isn’t there (or at least that I know of)? Well, am just going to assume something: That my is a new (possibly newer) idea. Maybe someone has thought of it; maybe someone already made one – but it must not be that popular if I don’t know about it (or anyone else).



So, I am going to try something new(er) today: I am going do some brainstorming here. I am going to write down some ideas for your enjoyment! If this (as in after the post; in my life) goes well, aka passes the test, then I will do some follow-up!






So, if I do do this, I plan on making this an optional add-on to ToL RPG (Tree of Life RPG; in-dev pen-and-paper RPG), but also as a standalone. There will be defense points and offensive/damage(ing) points. HP/health also. Players will – hramm… hmm… – maybe – earn cards that either adds dmg. or def. points to them from monsters/loot drops and in chests. Hey, this will probably really work well with ToL RPG! Actually, it will probably work better if I merge the two RPGs together – or at least for the pre-written stories (as in support) of ToL. Now it – the fighting – will probably be more (okay, partially) turn-based. GMs can see to that so it plays out. Maybe I could use something like a d3 (triangular-based die) with a successful hit, a miss, or a trip-up (partially hurts the attacker who attacked) – not sure about that d. Now what should I all the system? Hmm… FlowFight (FF)? Hang Sy? DortalEngine? Hamronny – wait, what? Well, for now, I’ll just call it the ToL RPG TB (Turn-based) Fighting System.


That is literally all the time I have time for now, folks! YIKES! TEN MINUTES ‘TIL AM IN BED! Thanks for reading! (Follow-up planned; need to test and think some more)

Black Fire – Factions (1)

Hey, guys! Today I am going to talk about some of the factions/groups that appear/planned-to-appear in Black Fire (book)! This is not going to include the Cryosnipers – just some other ones..! Also, most words (ok, partially words) that are in parentheses are basically how to pronounce it. Most of the images are (bad) prototypes either done by hand or using software..! (I also suggest viewing these images on the blog itself and not the reader; some have clear backgrounds that WordPress may mess up thus of white words/else.)


Miim Robotics


Miim (mim) Robotics are robot manufacturers, builder, and coders. They made the Bornet (born et) and Horrnet (horn et) sentries and Malarv’s (mal larv) original body (and original code). They mainly specialize in on-the-field and war-type robots, such as medics, guards, assistance, fossil diggers, et cetera. But many of them are built for war or guarding/escorting. Miim is one of the common go-to war-robot suppliers.



Reked Industriesreked-industries-logo

Commonly just called Reked or Reked Ind., Reked Industries mainly makes vehicles of all kinds – cars, hover-based (craft) cars, starships/spaceships, bikes such as Kaneda (cane da), etc. Reked Ind. also has a war branch known as Bam Boom War Locked Keepers (BBWaLKer). This branch makes vehicles like fighter-class starships, walkers, defensive vehicle add-on/mod weapons, tanks, war-submarines, and else.

It also has it’s very own military, where they will help selected allies during a war. Reked Industries was first created during the Demonic War (started at the partly-fantastical land, Patria) after it reached out of Patria, a few months before the Odin’s War portion of the Demonic War, which was first raged on the planet Atla (I think; forget now). Black Fire is placed AFTER Odin’s War, around a few years.



Heilom Gunners

Heilom (heirloom) Gunners are a group of mercenaries that like switching sides. Hiper (hyper) is the leader of the large group, and sometimes have to compete with Aroose’s assassins for the job and pay. But they those two can cooperate with each other and if needed to they can also do co-op together (team-up for the job/employer).




Hope you liked ’em! I plan on working on some Black Fire today (yesterday I figured out/made-up for the situation the sentries/turrets/drones that are protecting a pathway to the control room, where Jack has to get into their so he can get/find (hopefully) the intel he needs, where he also discovers another plot, which he then takes upon himself)!

Tree of Life RPG – Character Stats (and how (most) of them work)

Hey, guys! Even though I haven’t played a tabletop/pen-and-paper RPG yet (hope to soon through), I started yesterday night when (uncle) Amos came over yesterday and explained a few more things to me and then for some reason (even though he has told me before and I read those rules) I got some of it. BAM. Then after some time (he was making up ideas for the Vortech Uniomniverse; oh I forgot to mention that this RPG is set in VU), thinking and mulling it over, I decided that I should just start typing! It’s called Tree of Life (ToL) RPG!

So, I do not have much yet, but I am going to talk about what I currently have for Character stats (through am still working on some). Not Character Creation (CC), just their stats. So here is the list of them and how they will (probably) work. Also, PC means Player Character. NPC is just the non-playable version.


HP – Health. Players must have at least 1 health (through it is not recommended) when doing CC

Goodness – The measurement of how much good you have done (or in some cases ARE). Players must have at least 3 goodness point when doing CC

Badness – Also known as evilness or sinfulness (in some cases), this measures how much bad/evil/sins you have done. Players automatically start out 1 in CC

Willpower – Mental strength. Grats players to do things like resisting mind-reading by those who can do so, amongst other things.

Magic – The measurement for how much magic or at least that has felt a magical presence. Having one usually means that it has “felt” magic before or seen it happen (but not know how to use it or do so).

Popularity – How popular a character is. This is usually only for the cases where an NPC has to decide who to pick or go with, going to the guy who has the most popularity, but this is not always the case.

Integrity – Morals, honestness, honor, and virtue. Integrity often clashes with popularity. Players automatically start out with 1 during CC.

Athleticness – Speed, fastness/slowness, parkouring, jumping, and athletic in general. Players that have 1 are not really athletic at all but can move decently and cannot do things like wall jump, jump then grabs a ledge, et cetera. Players that have 0 are sluggish.

Strength – These points are added to the PC’s weapons’ damage. So a stronger character can make something do more damage and (maybe) lift up certain things.

Debt – How much you are indebted. Debts usually come from things like borrowing and have to give money at a certain time but you’re (maybe)  past due. Once you have a debt you want to get it as fast as you can off your pack so you’re free for stuff later. Am still working on this.

Talents – Talents and also abilities. These can be doing things such as doing things (through most of the times it is not one of those) or just traits of their bodies, in general, such as flying.

Professions – The professions and jobs that they have taken on at one time or another or at least know HOW to do it.

Intelligence – The measurement of using your smarts and you level of intelligence. Just having great wisdom does not mean you have great intelligence.

Wisdom – A way of measuring your wisdom but not your intelligence. Other players can sometimes tap into other PC and characters wisdom.


Then there would be things like description and if wanted to a backstory of the character. Most likely there will be 24 points that can be used for the stats; even through that does not sound like much it isn’t. Here is an example of a (premade) player character that will be in the first adventure am coming up with, Dungeon Diving:


Goodness: 3

Badness: 1

Willpower: 7

Magic: 0

Popularity: 0

Integrity: 2

Athleticness: 1

Strength: 2

Debts: 0

Talents: Can turn into (seemingly) muddy brown slop

Professions: Guard, Scout

Intelligence: 7

Wisdom: 6

Description: A mudder with some gruffness and a grumpy looking face thus of its formations, he only joined for the loot – he was looking for nothing else. (MOST LIKELY, MORE WILL BE ADDED LATER)

Background: He had a harsh childhood, utterly mentally hurting him (and as some would argue wrongly his facial features also). Once mature, he started getting attack by mind readers. A doctor who specializes in mentality helped the “poor fellow” and raised his willpower so he can resist mind-readers. Now he is dipping his muddy sloppy toes into the water of dungeon diving, hoping to make a pretty buck so he can live with the doctor thus reducing his problems.




So, those are the stats! Some will probably change and be added, like things like Size (e.g. if you’re small enough you can go through small holes BUT can be easily hurt from larger characters/creatures), and Awareness (e.g. since he has high awareness he notices a crack of a twig whilst the party is moving jolly along, finding a goblin spy). I’ll probably post later soon (maybe even today)! But I want to work on a SIMPLE combat system (and weapon carrying); I will make a more advanced one later, after all, they commonly do that for many RPGs..!

Also, I plan on giving you guys and an excerpt from Black Fire, that sci-fi (w/ some fantasy) war novel!

Worldly Encounters Day Eight – Doing the fabled stop-in-development… BUT: INTRODUCING CHYBER

Hey, I have decided to do the fabled stop-in-development for awhile – mating is confusing for me in GameMaker; so many variables to create to make sure it does not do it to all of the same type of object/creature (e.g. pimker), plus with the code itself… Maybe I’ll just try to do other things for now; enemies, smart-pathfinding, a journal of creatures, maybe even writing pages (now I do not know how to do THAT at all)!

But here’s a larger-then-in-game image (exported as GIF) of a Chyber:


chyber – real size

chyber-baby – baby form

Here’re some ideas I have about chybers (through all of these may not be final, or at least in the game): Chybers are creatures that can go into the Digiverse of Worldly Encounters (basically the galaxy’s Digiverse), so in-game they can wrap around slightly ahead. They would probably be partly aggressive, but once they are attacked they shy away (hence their ability to warp so they do not get hurt and their name; cHYbers)..!

Also, there would be a Digiverse that the player can also go in (and bring select workers, besides the ones native to it) and find food, live-in, build in it, et cetera!




SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there you go, an update! I may make a 3d-version of all the guys from before in dot big bang (see earlier article about dot big bang) voxel editor! Time’sa gone! BYE-YA!

(PRE-ALPHA) dot big bang – a free voxel editor w/ game creation (PLUS ME-MADE CREATIONS)

Today I am going to talk about dot big bang, a voxel editor! It is currently in pre-alpha. (This article is assuming that you know what voxels are; 3D pixels.)

dot big bang is a voxel editor that is in pre-alpha (as said before) that WILL have game creation/making features! I did not know that when I signed up but did after I saw this video:


I plan on using this as a visualization of some of my creature ideas! And, IF dot big bang does have multi-platform support (and if this turns out to be serious like Unity or Unreal but with voxels) then I would make games on it (most likely free, just so I can get something out there). Now, here are the ones I’ve made so far (note I just joined like 25 minutes ago from publishing and writing):

Beefulent (walking bees that form herds)

Barlin (creatures that mainly be still but can move through ‘flopping’)

Jume (creatures that love jumping)



So, this is the beginning of my voxel art! Maybe I’ll do some 3d-ized version of the guys from Worldly Encounters! I still have MORE articles to write about things about the Vortech Uniomniverse; geez, I haven’t even posted about the boardgame I am working (okay, I started today in the afternoon (EST), but STILL)! That one is based on an idea that Patrick (my brother) came up with (about ghost-like creatures)..!

Well, there are your spoilers 😉


BYE! And until next time, viewers!

Worldly Encounters Dev Log – Day Four – Baby Forms

Hey! I don’t really have anything to show (gameplay-wise) today, but I do have plans that I want to talk about!

But before that, am gonna talk about what am *trying* to do/coding. I am currently trying to make the Pimkers stop moving, but I am also now coding a system where the worker-creatures can mate with each other and produce offspring at a nursing zone (right now green). In addition to that, I am working on multiple “selector” circles, such as the selecting and goTo one, the deselecting and stop moving one, and the mating circle..!

One of the main things I wanted to show off was the baby/immature forms of sneaker snikers, pimkers, and blubblues (sorry for them being so small):





– and here’s a large shot/GIF of an immature pimker and a sneaker sniker (above is their real 8×8 pixel in-game forms):



I plan on making more worker-creatures (and baby forms), so I’ll post again soon (maybe even again today)!

Bye-ya Readers!

Worldly Encounters Dev Log – Day 3

Ok, I started coding it (Worldly Encounters) about three days ago (may have been four through) in my 2D program of choice (and that I now know how to use): GameMaker: Studio. And today I will show off your progress! Also, I made a sprite for something I call a Pimker (made by me, again): spr_pimker_0

Here is a GIF of most of the stuff I have gotten done so far (or at the top if you already saw it or want to look there):


I made all the sprites myself! Also, it is not as laggy as shown in the GIF – but like most GIF maker software, it lags some..!  And it’s definitely not shaking at all! Basically, just note that there are some differences in real life than this moving image(s). As you can probably tell (and some you probably didn’t notice/know), there is player movement in 8 directions,

As you can probably tell (and some you probably didn’t notice/know), there is player movement in 8 directions, player facing the mouse’s direction (on the x and y scales), and (for now) it has instant taming of these wild creatures  when the player touches them so they can act as workers (Pimkers move slower than those blue workers – may call them Blubblues (singular Blubblu)). Meat that is once picked up by those Pimker workers are then put at the drop spot (temporarily); the brown square. Working Pimkers that when selected with the yellow area become alerted with a right click and go to a desired point that is clicked upon by a left click (though right now they do not stop once they reached the clicked spot..). And then, of course, the yellow seemingly highlighted area that follows the mouse (but that would be different in a controller set up.. probably use a stick to move the circle).


Unlike most written Dev logs that are posted to people who do not even care about how it is coded, I will be sharing it! I am currently learning it, so this stuff will (most likely) be easier for me to explain than others who have been using it for years!

Here is how I made the player always face the mouse and its x and y position (it is under the player’s Step event, the event where you do most of the code and its actions and do stuff like change variables, make if statements – usually true or false or if variable equals this number/variable time of stuff – et cetera):

image_angle = point_direction (x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y);

So, here is a breakdown of it: it is setting its image or set-of-sprite(s) angle (image_angle) of obj_player (obj stands for object) to be direction looking at (point_direction) the mouse. In the parentheses, x and y (x, y,) together is the set origin of the sprite (assigned earlier under the object’s sprite, in this case, spr_player (spr stands for sprite)) that is used as the position, and mouse_x and mouse_y (mouse_x, mouse_y) are the mouse’s x and y position which spr_player of obj_player “looks at.”

For workers, it is just the same line of code that is run under an if statement (conditional statement) to the position that the mouse is at AND (&& in GML) clicked at.


Here is one thing that I would like eventually in the game: A Logbook with all the stuff/info about creatures, plants, minerals, etc. To have an entry of something (e.g. Pimker) into the logbook, you would need to scan them in by some scanning/ device (yes, I want the scan the object/living thing for some seconds and BOOM! INFO type of thing 😉 )!


If you have any suggestion(s), you can post them/it below in the comments, and I probably will try to add them in a final version of the game! That last thing I want to say is that I have no schedule for posts (at least for these Dev logs), and plus there is the factor that not knowing HOW to code it or not having the TIME to do/try/learn it; even if I wanted to do a weekly/monthly thing. I’ll just post when something is worth talking about, even a little bit. AND sorry for typos and grammer mistakes if there are any.



See ya!


Epic Fantasy: The Card Game | About

Today I am going to talk about a game that is almost ready for playtesting: Epic Fantasy (EP): The Card Game! It is a collectible card game with only two variables, basically damage and HP.


So, here’s the backstory:

about a year and a half ago, I came up with my still only card game: Plants vs. Zombies: The Card Game (set in the PvZ universe). I liked it so much later that I basically reskinned it (also I had at the time NEVER, I repeat NEVER released it online or even given copies out for the time being in its PvZ form).

7 days ago (All Souls’ Day), in Mass (hint: I get a lot of good ideas at Mass) I all of a sudden (call it a miracle if you will), when I was not evening thinking about it or anything related as far as I know consciously, I had this idea to REALLY make it a lot better and more ‘correct’ in usual collectable card games. Instead of just having one number that acted as its offensive (attacking points) and defensive (HP) in itself, make them separate! It really helped (would) make the game more realistic, if killer robots, giant 6-toothed worms, and Liqoids were you cup of realistic..!



So here’s the basics of play. Each player has their own personal deck of cards. During each turn, the player(s for team-ups) can either grab another card, attack other enemy players or skip a turn for some ‘reason.’

Attack(ing) points (AP)  act as the damage which is delt to an enemy card(s). Strength points (SP) act as HP. Each player has 3 HP and 1 AP that can be used once per turn (for normal cards you would normally discard them after either their AP or SP is ‘drained,’ but as a player card the AP is refilled to 1 AP per turn and the player card can not be discarded unless it’s Strength is depleted, meaning that the player has died/loss/is out of the game).

Also, no player can have 20 cards (excluding player cards and money cards) then the player with the lowest amount of cards. It is suggested that at least there are around 2o cards per player.


You may have notice that I just said money cards; well I just came up with it!

Money cards act as currency in the game, where players can buy cards with the cards. There are Stone coins (= 1 cent), Copper coins (= 1 quarter), Silver coins (a dollar), Gold coins (10 dollars), and Diamond coins (100 dollars). This is just an idea, and it will most likely not be in the first playtest version. Maybe not even in the final version.



Sorry if this is bouncing around some, but I can’t wait to finish the game (plus I have not fully written all the rules in rulebook-style yet). I hope to playtest (PT) with Dad today…


So, for next time, I well (hopefully) have a good easy-to-read simple rulebook, some card names and stats (I do not have any printables), and how to lay out the cards with the required info! Playtesters will soon be needed!


Thanks for reading!


– Brick Buddy | Photographer X | AD

With God’s help, VU will stand forever and be a living history


NOTE: This is not a “Join me to make a game” type of thing. I am just currently learning to code in GameMaker Language (GMC, GM:S, and now GM S 2 (all by Yoyogames)).


Today I wanna talk about a game I am TRYING to code, which for now I am calling it Worldly Encounters. The idea is that it’s a 2D (most likely) pixelated top-down Pikmin-style game with survival features such as crafting, eating, and monster-loot-drops (gasps for air)…

My plan is to have it also with some sandbox features, e.g. build a house, but unlike most survival and sandbox games is that YOU can also control workers for YOUR benefit/survival. I have never heard of anything like this. This is just a quick(er) post about the idea..! Hopefully, next time I post there will be more (I started two or three days ago)!


Here’s some sprites/images (NOTE I made these MYSELF):

spr_worker_0 – generic worker (temp)

spr_sneaker__sniker__worker_0 – (worker) sneak-sniker

spr_enemy_0 – generic enemy (temp)

spr_player_0 – generic player (temp)

spr_meat_0 – meat (temp)


Vortech Uniomnivere (VU) – ABOUT

Hey! Today I am going to talk about the Vortech Uniomniverse..!

The Vortech Uniomniverse (VU) is where all of my fantasy/sci-fi/games/fiction-based books/board or card games (STUFF), etc. go into. What does Uniomniverse mean? Well, I made it up.. ‘Uni’ for one ‘omni’ for of all/all things (everything) and then the ending ‘verse’ as in many other universe type ideas (e.g. multiVERSE, uniVERSE, pocket-VERSE, omniVERSE). It is basically a more creative way of saying multiverse, since I like the shorter way of saying it, VU (as in VU your world), and that I think we have all heard of the Marvel Multiverse.


The reason there is ‘Vortech’ before it is this: my first REAL fiction ideas were of this character Vortech, who was a green Liqoid that came to earth and upon swallowing tons of clay (‘since he had too) to escape the sighting of a female human. He was acting as a scout to see if this planet would be at terms with them. After getting out of the bag of clay he hid in, he gained the power to change his body’s (think ‘molding’ with coloring) look, texture, et cetera, upon the fact that Liqoids are kinda like rubber; they can be solid or be liquid that doesn’t burn-up/melt/evaporates. BASICALLY, a superhero comic idea (I wish to make it legit later on).


That’s all for now! I’ll keep you posted more about it in the coming day(s)!

Black Fire -Announcement|About

Hey, this is like my third or fourth blog post! This time, it is about my new board game, Black Fire!

Black Fire is a tile-based board game shooter that is inspired by modern shooters (Titanfall, PvZ: Garden Warfare series, et cetera) where RPG-Based Character Creations, Chess, and Gun-slinkers combine!


Black Fire has three main type of weapons: Melee Weapons (e.g. swords), Ranged Weapons (e.g. guns), and Thrust(able) Weapons (e.g. spears, iron shafts).Melee weapons can only work at the tile right in front of the player (Player Character) or 1 tile between the player and his/her targeted player.

Melee weapons can only work at the tile right in front of the player (Player Character) or 1 tile between the player and his/her targeted player.

To keep it more simple, ranged weapons, guns in this case (for now… may change later..), have basically unlimited range, or no stated range.

Thrustable (BYE BYE GRAMMER!!!!) weapons or thrust weapons are throwable weapons such as spears and shafts (tomahawks maybe…) that can be used as ranged or melee weapons (dual-purpose).

All weapons have a damage inflicted stat.


As already stated, Black Fire has a simpler Character Creation system. As of now, There are four stats: Health, Healing, Aim, and Strength (adds damage to weapons). Each stat can go up to level 6 (VI). The player rolls a d6 (six-sided) dice , and whatever the number it lands on is the level of the selected stat. Players must select the Health stat, put can pick any of the other three along with the forced selection of the stat Health (or HP).

After the player killed his/her enemy target, he or she will gain 1 exp., which is can be used to upgrade stats to new levels (1 exp. spent on stat = next level up on that selected stat) after the round or match for future matches. This can only be spent and the character can still be used for later matches if he or she did not die.



The game is basically complete, but a few things are left need to be tested (along with rewriting the rulebook to make sense) and I need to add a few more basic modes (Team Skirmish, Hunted, and maybe CTF) and define weapons and their damages…


Next time I will talk more about Character Creation, and normal Gameplay, amongst other things!

— V4steeda/brickbuddy/(AD)


Board Game Development 1#

Soooo… I’ve been developing a fantasy  (but not limited to fantasy) board game that I decided that I would like to share the progress (plus I need help make temporary paper-craft buildings to represent real in-game-piece buildings… More about that later)!

Right now am calling it Epic Fantasy: Lordships. EF:L is a multiplayer tile-based chess-like game where the goal is to capture OR kill (still working on THAT part…) your Fantasy Lord opponent. (In this game, players are considered Fantasy Lords.) There’s not so many stats, such as the common but not in-game HP, Stamina, or etc., but there is Movement/Movement Per Square (MPS) (tile-based), and attack-range for ranged units.

Also, the game in turned based (can move all units) and as of now if it is not your turn you look away from the game boards –  this gives it more realisticism, like reports from scouts, but mainly this is for hiding units behind 3 inch tall trees, etc.

Here is a sample of the neater types of units:

  • Wereworld Infector – MPS 3. Cannot attack, but infects enemy unit to make them turn sides (to the werewolf’s side)

There is also building/structure  creation/placing (WIP), such as Archery Towers, Wooden Walls, Wooden Bridges, etc.

The main type of tiles are air (air units only), water (water  and air units only), and land (all units). Secondary tiles are mud (slows land units down), and later I plan on lava (air units only) and acid (air units only). If you make the wrong type of unit go onto/into ones of these tiles, you would then have killed him/her/it.

Also, there will be looting…

Also, units can mount other units (such as Mothmen (air) mounting horses)

Here’s some really rough WIP stuff:

  • Taming System – Taming creatures that are tameable goes under a progress. Most of the time, you just need a tamer to tame it (such as a horse), but sometimes (for like training a Hydra) you need to undergo a system of training and taming.
  • Material Collecting/Farming System – materials are needed to create structures. Right now I have very basic things (which I have not tested out yet), such as from rocks you get stone, trees you get logs, etc. It will not be very advanced system; the main point of the game is fighting it out with wits and units.
  • Space System – Yay… This would definitely be an expansion pack. Landing Pads are needed for spaceship/spacecraft to go from the world and into space and vice-verse. This is where your asteroid mining and alien fighting come in…
  • Underground Level System – Ok, I know. Am starting a craze of units going in space, on land, and underground, but hey, someone’s got to have that in a board game! Here’s the level where you start your mining craze!
  • Quest System – Hey, if the games gonna take 12 hours, add more depth, right? By placing different props at the start or in the middle of the game (if you can create it in-game), you unlock different quests that can yield great rewards! Hydras! Spaceships! GOLD!!! Units! MORE!!!



It is suggested that the players player with multiple boards; the more boards the more strategy and longer play time ( 2 or 3 boards can last around 2-4 hours… I know this from experience. That’s without the level system… And collecting systems, and tons of other things + we were playing with like -24 units!).

Also, I just want to note that this game would be perfect for championships… So many possibilities! Dwarfs in space! Robots against Dragons! Modern against Fantasy! Aliens against… Jumping beans? (MAYBE…)


If you want to help me with the final game and the mock-ups I need/that would help:

  • Paper-craft buildings
  • Game Testers (Soon, not ready yet…)
  • Ideas (Units, materials, structures, etc.)


Am about to start writing drafts for the game – will post when a good version comes out!


So thanks for reading this craze of board game design that am working on!

Just watch out the Eating Trees (really – I do not want any more events of the said)!