Droughtcheckers! A 2 or More Player Checkers Hack

So, I have been working on a heavy checkers “hack” (modification, taken from the virtual equivalent), which I just finished writing up the 1-page “rulebook” that can be found here on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dFcU_lFgxixSjmbrV_ap60BW6kRchRLXu1L-3Zcfa-0/edit?usp=sharing

I may, later on, try to create a “starter pack,” mainly if I find most people that I’ll give the game out to do not have the required supplies. The game requirements are that each player has 2 board Areas (print out this picture [not on the black lines] – link below, and optionally put something like cardboard or cardstock papers as backing to help it not get injured), 10 checkers, and a number of Wells that corresponds to how many Areas are in play.

Here’s the link to the Area image file (print it out!): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eP7sxOH7nsp0fa7RUWheLlPTZursJrcz/view?usp=sharing

Now, I have everything ready except the Wells. Ideally, I want a large miniature (they take up 2×2 tiles/inches) that comes pre-painted, while still encouraging those to paint them (yes, painting your checkers with your team’s colors is suggested)! So for now just use any random object that takes up 2×2 tiles worth of space (or just solely ignore, but they help keep track of who has what).

This is still in playtesting! Tell me what you think (also, for those part of it, I will probably send info about this game in the Newsletter)..! Thanks in advance!!


Pen-and-Paper RPG Mechanic – “Narrative Classes”

Hey, guys! FictionCreator (or Blubahub) here again about my roughly 1 and a half WIP pen-and-paper RPG.

I wanted to talk about a mechanic I implemented (like many of the new stuff I’ve made but not talked about yet, I haven’t fully tested it out yet,) classes in my system. But, these aren’t your normal classes.


(You can look at that while I “talk”)

I am taking a different route. Instead, am going for the more “narrative” road. Ability-type advantages. Or, a better way to put it, higher chance of succeeding in select tasks. Also, there can be disabilities. Both can also be not concerning a task, but rather a boost or some special mini-tracking stat (e.g., in the starting class Adventurer, you can choose one stat that your really good at). At the end, sometimes there is a d6 or d3 – this means you roll the die, and if it lands on 6 or 3 then you failed, otherwise, success. Some, though, do not have this, even for the task ones. This means that it automatically succeeds OR the stat concerns something else

Each advantage has a name, and some have “(Cannot be inherited).” Currently, there are three types of classes (or at least planned): Starting Class, Subclass, and Grand Class. Starting and Subclass are pretty simple, so am going to explain Grand Class: This is one of the more end-level classes. Also, class kits can be equipped (called Class Ability Kits, or CAKs). Classes can cost XP.

Also, before I go, I’m not fully sure what am going to do about the Professions stat. I was thinking it can mean “I know how to do _,” but then the problem can be is that it could clash with the class. I may just not have it. Or have the classes alternatively be called Professions.

Gotta go, sorry! Bye!