This page is for all things related to the TrailFinder2 kit by RC4WD!


28 comments on “TF2

  1. Glad we got the TF2 early, still “OUT OF STOCK”!!!! We finally got ahead of the crowds on this one. Check this vid out—pretty nice build:


  2. need to find a water proof ESC I’m guessing Traxxas. Not sure if we need drag brakes or not, my CC01 has the Traxxas ESC and so far I like it.

  3. V6steeda had mentioned this 60$ waterproof Combo for the TF2:
    540 55T Brushed+60A Waterproof ESC Combo

    Check out the 540 55T Brushed Motor + 60A Waterproof ESC Combo for Rock Crawlers! The 540 55T brushed motor offers all the low-end torque for climbing and getting through tight situations, in a low-cost motor. Aluminum brush hoods help dissipate heat for better brush life and consistent power.

    A waterproof circuit board on the 60A brushed ESC means you can now run your crawler virtually anywhere. Pre-installed connectors for motor and battery connections make this combo plug-n-play, so you’ll be up and crawling right out of the box.


    Motor Specifications:
    Part Number: 1336
    Turns: 55T
    Resistance: 290m
    No Load Current @ 7V: 0.9A
    No Load RPM @ 7V: 7030
    Max Torque: 123.4mN
    Max Current: 18A
    Max Efficiency: 68%

    ESC Specifications:
    Part Number: 1394
    Power: 4-7 Cell NiMH/NiCD, 2 Cell LiPO
    Input Voltage: 6V-8.4V
    BEC output: 5V/1A
    Constant Current: 240A, Forward: 240A, Back: 160A
    Size: 26 x 26 x 16 mm
    Motor Range: 540 11 – 60T motor
    Waterproof: Yes
    Fail Safe Protection: Yes
    Low Voltage Protection: Yes (5V cut-off)
    Over Voltage Protection: Yes

  4. CHECK this video out. NICE BUILD—-but analyze the driver figure when it rolls up to the camera. Looks like the steering wheel is linked up to the wheel…..or a small servo with Y-split wiring:

    • yeah looked through the comments and the poster never answered any questions—–i was curious as to his selection of electronics and the steering wheel trick.

  5. FORMULA 4×4’s TF2 build specifications:
    Speed controller= XL-5 (waterproof) =40$
    Servos= 2 Traxxas #2075 (waterproof / found in the revo. 125 oz/in power)= 50$
    i’ll use my flysky 2.4ghz radio receiver and install it in the molded fuel cell and waterproof it.
    Tamiya CR Tuned 35T Rock Crawler Motor TAM54114 =35$
    TOTAL cost to complete= 125$

    Got any opinions about the parts above? any suggestions on better components for the cost?

  6. We need to put on the calendar an event. Albeit,,,,,,my wooded lot with the wet weather stream is pretty awesome. I’ll try to go back there and convince you guys to come with some pics!

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