This page is for EVERYTHING Trailer related. To include Campers, RVs, trailers and anything being pulled by a vehicle…..most especially with the concentration of Radio Controlled Vehicles!

All interesting Trailers and Caravan (European) to be posted on this page!

above: rude boyz RC trailer

Sample RC Trailer vids:


Papercraft Trailers by DBRC!

MINI BIKE TRailers! (Future Project)


11 comments on “Trailer

    • Wow, yeah that looks nice indeed for 1:24 scale SMTC scenario. What’s great is that in a Trial…….if your tow vehicle tips or is incapacitated……roll-off the backup vehicle! Or this could be used as part of a challenge.

      I do want to build that 1:24 Kenworth W900 and then by the lowboy to haul my RC tanks (1:25).

    • Yeah i definately have this KIT on my list! My 68 Ford SMTC Model has now been stripped of the annoying truck bed….it now works fantastically up hill sides. I believe its all about Center of Gravity……the truck bed would cause the vehicle to roll in side-hill trails. -F4x4

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