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29 comments on “VidGame

  1. WAnt to play a game that makes you feel like youre in an ANIME?
    check out Ni NO KUNI!! Looks totally awesome and approachable even for the non-diehard gamers like myself

  2. Next big game I’m looking foward to gettnig is Boarder Lands 2, over a million weapons in game. More than all the weapons added up from all games availble for the Xbox 360, that’s crazy!

  3. EVOCHRON Mercenary:
    great looking game, doesnt need a powerhouse PC either, in addition you can tune down the graphics. The great thing about the game…….. SPACE RACE!!!
    You can download and install the server to host the race.

  4. Take your TRAIL TRUCKING to your PC!!!
    Here are just a few out there.

    MOTORM4x –a rather basic of the 3 games

    Offroad drive—-extremely customizable!

    VERY nice mud effects in offroad drive.

    Nice thing about OFFROAD DRIVE is that it covers dune buggies, crawlers….just about everything. Check out this crawler vid!

    …and it has my FAV…the DEFENDER! (see vid below)

    FullDrive UAZ 4×4 —-this game feels very much like a simulator…looks pretty good. Looks less like a video game and the feel of the vehicles is just right….heavy!

    • That actually isn’t an MMO – it is a sandbox open-world action RPG. I’ve discovered that in the past (not on 2013, though), and unfortunately the development has been discontinued and you can no longer get it…

  5. Here are some games I have played before and thought they were good enough to keep, most loved: Titanfall 2 (the best FPS I’ve ever played, probably because it is parkouring), Trove, Starbound, Ace of Spades (dying out now), Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (1 and 2), and in the future, once I get it, Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Man, BotW looks like the craziest chock-full content-packed game for not having updates (sure, they have 2 DLCs, but they aren’t going to keep making more DLCs after them)!

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