Guns, airsoft, Knives…even fake movie props!  ALL cool looking weapons go HERE!

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Want a Custom Light Saber?   As low as 250$ and up to 800$ gets you one of these custom jobs.

KillerK—-Ready for a battle?


99 comments on “Weapons

  1. Yeah currently i have an air rifle that eva bought for taking our varmit. It is a single pump and with special pellets it can fire at 1200 fps. Have a scope with it too!

    • Here is the one that i have……never shot it and never have “sighted” it for my eyes yet. It is a .117 barrel that shoots regular at 1000 fps…but using PBA can acheive 1200 fps.
      V6steeda was suppose to order my predator engine and swing over to my place on saturday for installation,,,,,maybe we can shoot some rounds? you can hitch a ride with him….maybe even do some riding on my property? Guess it depends on wether or not v6steeda ordered the parts on time.

  2. Got my rifle today, sucker is awesome great deal for $60. May order two more for the brothers so we can shoot together.

  3. Love to get one of thesehttp://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Colt_Peacemaker_SAA_CO2_Revolver_Nickel/3568?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=All+Dynamic+Links&utm_content=01%2F09%2F2015&utm_campaign=cart_recovery

    • Wow! love that gun. REally really love those pellet/BB revolvers! Had one that was part of a ZOMBIE line……..i posted it a while ago—-now i cant seem to find it at the local walmart.

    • wow! love the look fo it. Still on the fence about moving towards a .22 —-my .17 seems to be adequate for target practice. Did you ever get the 600FPS CO2 winchester?–F4x4

    • i have JUST enough cash to support buying one for 120$

      Make a deal with you killerk—you pick it up for you B-day and i’ll reimburse you the 120$ next time i see you. When its my B-day NEXT YEAR, you can pass the umarex onto me to have fun with. Thus you will have it from April till Nov—passed to v6,,,,,,,then passed back to me in May2016?

      OR….if you find something else better.

      let me know so i dont spend the money! This offer expires after this weekend!

  4. not specifically—-if its modifiable like the Umarex you posted—then im IN. Yes it seems like you cant go wrong with the UMAREX! Thus pick up which you believe to be the BEST of the umarex….then maybe put an upgrade to it later in the year before you hand it off to v6—–he will be then put his own twist to it…..whether cosmetic or functional and pass it on to myself….and it will go round-and-round until it becomes quite a show piece. Maybe a good idea to do this with RCs that are too expensive to be purchased by 1 person (ex= tamiya semi truck).

  5. Another one to look for is the Gamo extreme

    If I can find one I’m getting it

    • Wow,,,yeah now that i see the picture—the memories are now back! YES i did like that gun…..most likely dude gave it away. I did find an older DAISY pistol that uses CO2 that you can add to your collection if you want.-F4x4

    • WOW! now that has a very Blade Runner link look to it! Wow 39.99$…..v6 needs to get one of those. Big question—-how’s the weight and feel?
      Here is a pic of my 70$ Exterminator revolver:

      The Bear River Exterminator has a very HEAVY Feel, just like a real revolver. -F4x4

      • I believe it’s mostly plastic so probably won’t have that nice heavy feel but it just looked too cool

    • Received the gun today and I’m impressed. I would love to have a real 357 designed like this bb gun. It is all plastic but has a nice heft to it, really like the ten shot capacity and quick cylinder change out. Nice that it came with three cylinders, that’s 30 shots without having to reload bbs. It’s a keeper and a good deal just hope it doesn’t break easy, only time will tell for that.

  6. Well not as cool as I thought, it fires both pellets at the same time. I wanted to be able to shoot once and then have a follow-up shot like a real rubble barrel shotgun.

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