STUFF:  zombie related material/movies…ect  http://www.allthingszombie.com/


The boardgame ATZ is the best i’ve seen, check out the Vassal Mod that emulates the boardgame in the  RPG section.

Great mini’s to play are here:  http://www.cold-war.co.uk/  they are unpainted.   Many people are using the Horrorclix or even the 15mm mini’s from KillerK’s Zombies! game.

Want to learn ATZ by example?  Go here and follow along with Vampifan’s step by step play of the game  http://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.com/p/atz-bat-reps.html   definately worth looking at—-he’s done an awesome job with the scenery just putting in card stock models.

Other Ideas:   ROBOTS vs. Zombies like the Ashley wood comic  OR MARVEL ZOMBIES series where the super heroes have turned zombie

The following miniatures by Wargames factory are actually quite impressive.   They are about 1$ per zombie but the great thing about them is that they can be configured in all sorts of poses.

spurs look like this:


13 comments on “Z!

  1. actually a better idea would be to stick with the 1/72 scale…..like the ones that killerK’s set comes with. You can get a bag of 100 for 9.99$, in addition modeling companies support that scale with a variety of Armor and military figures which are both affordable and Cheap. Take a look at the awesome Prepainted and affordable forces of valor series http://www.forcesofvalor.com/product.php
    Target carrys them. You could at 1/72 setup an entire WWII bombed out french village with ZOMBIE NAZIS!!!!

    • KillerK, you’ll find the PDF on your desktop\vassal folder with a title “All things zombie: better dead than zed”—has a cool cover when you open up the doc…..But just wanted to point out that the Melee combat table is on pg 21, and the RANGED combat table is on pg 18. Thus you can play ATZ solo with the a combo of the simple rules combined with those 2 tables. You’ll want to look at pg25-28 for using vehicles/big rigs,,,ect. Guess we’ll have to come up with house rules for TANKS!

  2. Zombie Nation Magazine’s premiere first issue!
    It is about 8.99$ so its not cheap….and its by guns&ammo publisher

    Thus it will come to no surprise that its chock full of ZOMBIE ammo, Zombie AR15 upgrades. Awesome KA-BAR Zombie knives, a nice article about making your own zombie KIT,,,,primarily using KERSHAW camp axe, knives and hatchets.

    Soo,,,,,,with that said KILLERK has to get a copy for his ZOMBIE bike!
    What i found interesting:
    Zombie targets for practice—–including an actual bleeding zombie—wow!
    They reviewed some zombie books……now im just now getting into zombie fiction……thus i can only say that the LZR series of books are good. They cover WORLD WAR Z and some of the survivalist manuals that killerK owns.

    Check it out at your local bookstore before it disappears.

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